aprilp_katje (aprilp_katje) wrote in binky_betsy,

April's Letter, March, 2009

Hey, it's me, April, posting my letter late again! Sorry about that. My mind isn't really here at the moment. Now that we've dealt with the whole "Edgar" crisis (see the "Pets" letter for more on this, if you haven't already), all I can think about is getting away during March break. As I mentioned in last month's letter, I'm going to be visiting Uncle Phil and Aunt Georgia in Quebec during the break. I can hardly wait! Phil still plays at clubs occasionally and he says he's going to "make me" join his band for a gig they've got scheduled at Jazzy, a club where he's been playing off and on since the early 1980s! Break this year is the week of March 16th, so I'll be making my escape the afternoon of Friday the 13th (dramatic horror-movie music goes here!).

I helped Merrie and Robin make birthday cards for Françoise, because she turns four on March 7 (tomorrow). I had to call Liz to get Thérèse's address so we'd know where to send the cards and gifts, and Liz was, for about five minutes, totally confused about what I was talking about and why I could possibly need T's address. "March 7? Birthday? What? Oh, right, Francie." Wow, you know? Just... Wow.

Anyway, my "spare" period is about to end, so I'd better wrap this up. Hope I'll have some good stuff to share with you (besides turning 18!) in next month's letter.


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