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The Pets' Letter, March 2009

The Pets' Letter, March 2009

Hi peeps - it's Apes! If you haven’t heard by now, Edgar is good. Connie's volunteered to take him on for us until he recovers from what happened with mom. Connie’s dog, Sera, is Edgar's Mom (Farley was Edgar's dad), so it's like a little family reunion. Edgar and Sera get along great, and Connie says she gets more exercise walking the two of them all at once, so she doesn't mind. It bugs her when they all go after the same fire hydrant and their leashes get tangled, though! Sometimes her husband, Greg, walks with them and his favourite is Edgar! Go figure. I guess Sera likes to stop and sniff more and Eddie just gets on with it.

Poor Eddie. I feel really bad about what happened. I knew mom had been calling Edgar by the name of Farley, but I never thought that she would mistreat him. I always thought mom was great with Farley, but when I mentioned that to Elizabeth, she said she used to think the same thing until recently she started remembering times when mom was not so nice to Farley (and to her too, but that’s another story).

The good thing is Edgar is back on regular food now and his hair is growing back in from where mom yanked it out using those Valentine’s Day suckers. That’s what gave him all those heart-shaped bald spots. Dad found a bunch of hairy suckers in a vase, like they were a hairy Valentine’s Day bouquet. They were in a closet near the kitchen. Dad is still cleaning that closet out. He said it looked like mom was dumping Edgar’s food there every day instead of feeding him. He said Edgar really scratched the door up to get to the food and he is going to have to replace the whole door. Too bad for him, but if it weren’t for those scratches; he probably wouldn’t have found all that dog food.

Dad thinks the whole story with mom and Eddie is funny. I don’t; but dad said there a lot of people out there who think stories about misunderstandings with family pets are hysterical. Let’s see if you think this story is funny:

Dad said he had a fight with mom and he was ignoring mom. That means he was in his model train workshop. She ran into his workshop chasing Eddy and throwing plush dolls at him saying, “It’s late because of a train mishap. See what you’ve you done?...You woke the baby!! Never buy products made by slanty-eyed Chinese! They can’t see well enough to do it right!” Edgar hid underneath the model train display and was howling, while mom kept throwing dolls at him. Then dad said he told mom that he knew she would come around if he waited long enough, and he said that stopped her.

Does that sound funny to you? Not me. We still don’t know why mom did it. Dad said he asked mom and all she would do is write these “|||||” marks on a piece of paper, and mumbled something about how “Farley was quite unlike the prototypes.”

I have to write about something else. Thinking about mom just makes me depressed. I’ve been trying to teach Robin and Merrie to clean up after Butterscotch. I showed Robin how to vacuum up the hair (which I hate doing) and Merrie has to clean the litter box. Merrie is not very good at it yet. So, we have a lot of vacuuming around the bunny house. It sucks! Anyway - the pets are worth the work.

OK, that's enuff for this month. Takeiteeeezy!

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