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The FBorFW newsletter, March 2009

=================== Greetings from the Team: ===================

Hello everybody! We're getting really close to the end of winter; just two more months of living with the white stuff if we're really lucky! Have you ever noticed how we always open our newsletter by talking about the weather? That's a true Canadianism!

=================== Studio Happenings: ===================

Apologies to anyone who's been waiting for the plush Farley dolls to arrive; we've hit a snag, so Lynn's written this note to explain:

Dear folks!
Well, another chapter has been added to the "Farley plush toys" story! The prototypes were received and approved and it was "all systems go"! Hold ups were due to shipping concerns; containers from China had to be unloaded in Vancouver harbour, there was a railway mishap and then the long awaited boxes arrived. When we opened them, we found that the pooches were quite unlike the prototypes and could not be distributed. I guess this is all part of the learning curve when making a 3 dimensional character! So, the winner of the "Love Struck" contest will receive an original drawing of Farley rather than the stuffed toy and we'll wait to see what happens next with our Farley plush! What I've learned is: not to advertise something until it's ready to distribute! But, it has also been an opportunity to share with readers something from behind the scenes! Keeping all fingers crossed!
Lynn J.

We're offering a domain name for sale: Comicstripmall.com belongs to us, but we have no further plans to develop a site there. If you're looking for a comics-related domain name for your business or website, drop us a line (steph@aloeroot.com) and make an offer!

Our Farley-themed children's book is nearly ready and will be available in May. As always, please keep an eye on our website for updates as the publication date approaches.

Our next collection book will also be available by the end of May. It's tentatively titled "Just a Simple Wedding" and will contain all the strips relating to Liz's wedding.

=================== Feedback regarding last month's story about the dishwasher non-fire at Lynn's house ===================

To sum up last month's very long story for our new subscribers: Lynn noticed an unusual, burning smell coming from behind her dishwasher one night, so she called the local fire department - who, having been out on a training mission anyway, arrived at Lynn's house en masse to investigate. She ended up entertaining a large number of local firefighters and sharing her homemade bread pudding with them while they verified that her house was not actually on fire and helped her locate the source of the scent.

We heard from a few people who weren't certain whether dialling 911 was the appropriate response, and below is a letter from one reader who offered some useful feedback as a volunteer firefighter:

I am a member of a volunteer fire department and LT. with the volunteer ambulance corps. in a semi-rural part of northern Connecticut, US. Please share the following:

YES, calling 911 is the way to go whenever you suspect a problem - medical or fire. Never spend the time looking in the phone book for an office number or non emergency number. Let a 911 dispatcher decide what level of emergency you have by answering his or her questions.

In a city or town where there is a career department it takes time to get through traffic even with lights and sirens, but in an area served by a volunteer department remember the fire fighters, EMTs or Paramedics may have to travel from home to the station to pick up apparatus and then travel to your home or business. That takes precious time - call 911.

In case of fire (or perhaps a suspect smell...) get out and stay out! Call 911 from outside the dwelling. Also, have a meeting place planned ahead of time and practice a fire drill with two escape routes both at home and at work so that the get out part has been practiced and is automatic. Children should be learning this at school.

If you are using a cell phone giving your location is important as the land lines often have a reverse caller ID with address in many areas but most cell phones only give transmitter location to some agencies.

Never feel as if calling 911 will cause a scolding from anyone in emergency services where a problem is suspected. This is true for building emergencies - odd smells, funny noises coming from the furnace or chimney, even downed tree limbs. With downed limbs do not investigate if there is even a slight possibility of electrical wires entangled. Stay away.

In a medical situation we are only to glad to check out patients even when they think it is minor. Major issues are: shortness of breath, have feelings of "indigestion," pain of discomfort, weakness on one side or the patient just doesn't feel right and of course bleeding or fractures. Better to be safe than to wait and call after someone goes unresponsive.

Fire Prevention week is the first week in October in the US, I'm unsure about Canada. Perhaps Lynn could do a five day series on how to appropriately respond to an emergency and show what happens during and after such an event. Great public service announcement and a poster opportunity. Elementary schools usually have wonderful lessons prepared for students coordinated with visits from local fire departments. (I'm a retired elementary classroom teacher so I've done this for years.)

Hope this helps in some way. Good luck with your next preparation of bread pudding - and your new dishwasher.

And now....Lynn's bread pudding recipe, by popular request:

2 eggs
2 tablespoons melted butter
2 tblsp vanilla
2 1/2 cups milk
2 cups sugar
3 1/2 -5 cups white or sourdough bread cubed (stale is best)
1/3 cup pecans finely chopped
Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Beat together eggs, butter, vanilla and milk. Add sugar and mix 'til sugar is dissolved. Put bread cubes in 9" casserole dish, pour liquid over bread, sprinkle pecans over top, bake for 55-70 mins or until crust is golden and knife comes out wet, not gooey. This is the recipe I have, but I've changed it a bit. I use brown sugar, I add some salt and nutmeg, I put in a few raisins and I use pecans or walnuts and or almonds on top- very finely chopped. (good way to clean out the baking box!) I also double the recipe and serve it hot with ice cream. Good luck!!

================== February's Giveaway: ===================

This past month we gave 5 lucky winners a limited-edition FBorFW print (from a print run of only 2000). Here are the answers to last month's trivia questions:

1. Name one of the community organizations that Lynn Johnston Productions supports. You can find the full list here: http://www.fborfw.com/features/publicservice/

2. Who is the artist who created our sterling silver bunny pendants? Dieter Huebner.

3. What did Lynn's father do for a living? He was a jeweler.

4. How far ahead of the deadline does Lynn have to be? Six weeks for dailies and eight weeks for Sundays.

5. Where did John study dentistry? At the University of Toronto.

================== March's Giveaway: ===================

Just correctly answer the questions below and we'll enter you in the draw - the prize is a limited-edition FBorFW print (from a print run of only 2000), and we'll select 5 lucky winners at the end of the month. Send your answers to fborfw@aloeroot.com with the subject line February Trivia Contest. We regret that this contest is not open to residents of Quebec for legal reasons which we don't really comprehend.

And now, the questions...You can find all the trivia answers on our website.

1. Which character recently moved away?

2. Who does Elly go jogging with?

3. For which occasions would you like to see new E-greets on our website? http://www.fborfw.com/fun/egreets2/

4. What sport does young Mike like to play?

5. What three delicious foods are pictured in our Coffee Break game?

=================== Spanish Phrase of the Month: ===================

Espero que la primavera viene muy pronto - I hope spring comes soon!

=================== A Quick Tour of our Site: ===================

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=================== Shoppers' Section: ===================

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Please keep an eye on our website for news and updates regarding the Farley dolls and Lynn's upcoming collection book.

Thanks for reading! We'll be back next month with more news and updates.

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