dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Now that Rod has been vilified for the week, we can probably look forward to filler material about how awful it is that Elly has to endure the company of small children who want to talk about boring things like wanting to play and who destroy Elly's freedom of expression by asking for affection.

Ahhhhh.... It's the strip that debjyn warned us about a while back.

Panel 1: We start with John enthusiastically greeting Lizzie: "There's my Lizzie, there's my girl!"

Panel 2: As he lifts her out her crib, he asks how's his baby, how's his cutie-pie.

Panel 3: As he bounces her on his knee, he declares that she's daddy's girl. daddy's girls, Da-dee, da-dee, da-deee's girl.

Panel 4: He then notices something's amiss and holds her up to his face. He needn't Snifffff because there are stink lines radiating from her.

Panel 5: He then hands a mildly baffled Elly her dripping daughter.

Summary: We are meant to conclude two things:
1) When Lizzie does something that inconveniences JSFF, she's Elly problem.
2) He cannot change a diaper because he has a penis.
The only trouble with concluding that is that if he tried changing a diaper, Elly would get in his face about how he was doing it all wrong, throw the diaper he'd put on the way Carrie showed him toimproperly away and put on a new one while complaining bitterly about a husband who wants to pile more work on his overburdened wife.

(Also, he has to get changed himself because Lizzie hauled off and widdled in his lap.)

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