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April's Letter, February 2009

Hey, everyone, I see I'm not the only one in my family getting my letter out late this month. Sorry about that! Besides getting ill along with everyone else in the house, I've spent the entire week obsessing on whether I'd hear from Guelph. I knew their first round of admission offers were coming out at around this time, so I could hardly think about anything else.

Well, not to keep you in suspense.... I'm in! I just got the news today. I can't even tell you how excited I am! Grad is a little over five months off and then? I am not looking back! Aunt Bev has already booked my flight to Manitoba, where I'm going to stay until it's time for me to move into residence at Guelph in August.

I did have to give Robin and Merrie a talking-to about their trying to get Edgar to eat Butterscotch. Unfortunately, when they hear about something Mike did when he was a kid, and they imitate him, Mike almost always reacts like it's the funniest thing ever, so that just encourages them.

Becky has another CD coming out next month. She actually fired her father and got a new manager through some friends she's made in the recording industry. I still play my guitar whenever I have the chance, but it's been harder and harder to get the chance lately. Phil invited me to spend some time with him and Georgia in Montreal when I have my March vacation, and he made me promise I'll jam with him while I'm there.

I still visit Gramps and Iris whenever I can, and I know they enjoy my visits, but he's fading from us bit by bit, and I just really feel sad whenever I leave there. Of course, I also feel sad if I give myself half a chance to think about Mom--crazy Mom, who decided I don't exist. It would be nice if I could still have my mom be my mom, you know? And Dad is just kind of... well, he's Dad. I think you know what I mean. I'm glad Mike and Dee let me live with them.

That's really all I can think of right now. I'm also really, really sick of winter, but everyone I talk to pretty much says the same thing, eh?


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