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Mike and Dee

reetings Dear Readers,

I'm taking a break from being the Man of the House, Keeper of the Sickpan. Nurser of all illnesses, He Who Cannot Admit He's Sick as a Dog to type off a quick dispatch.

1. Robin- he was the first to fall ill. It started with a runny nose and a cough that Dee told him was because his nose was draining. After watching her father quick fix a chair with duck tape, Robin decided that duck tape fixed everything... including runny noses. An emergency trip to the doctor as he got the tape stuck so far up his nose that we couldn't get it out, Robin knows better now. We think he got the virus from the doctor's office

Currently, he's in love with Bob the Builder. At least once a day, he'll announce "Bob the Builder says Yes We Can!" I wonder if Obama is aware that his catchphrase came from a kid's TV show...

Robin also has started to demand that we call certain friends and relatives so that he can talk to them. He has one sentence that he says- I love you! before hanging up

2. Merrie- She loves her signing and dancing lessons. Dee and I are thinking about letting her participate in her school's production of Annie.

3- the Rotavirus. Currently making the rounds between our house and Mom and Dad's. The kids are sick out of both ends but staying hydrated thanks to a church member's recipe for Egg Drop Soup. Dee and I have both caught it. Our next place will have as many bathrooms as people, I swear.

4. Mom is rambling about how Liz and I were sick with the flu as kids and I went back to preschool only to find Dee was gone. I think that means Mom is happy misremembering the past. The college student Liz and I have hired to follow Mom around reports that she is staying in safe places, doesn't do anything that might make her a danger to herself or others.

5- Paul Wright. Talk about people you never expected to meet again. I ran into him at a WoW convention last weekend. It was a strange, prickly 10 minute conversation. Basically, he knows that Liz is expecting her first child and that she's moved. He predicted that she wasn't very happy with the events of the past couple of months. He even went as far as to ask that if she returned to the personality that he knew, I'd have her email him. He's also thinking about going to DragonCon in September, and I've filled out my panelist application for the convention. Truthfully, this is more or less to let Dee tour the Atlanta Speech School and deduct part of the tour from our taxes.

I think he has great expectations for Elizabeth's marriage. I just hope that if things are as bad as they seem that Anthony will make a better weekend dad than husband. As a special gift to my sister, Dee and I are finding friends of Anthony that might give statements in court if the situation digresses to a custody hearing.

I guess we should wait until Liz announces that she will get a divorce...

6. Liz reports unpacking the last box. We sent her a crib and an IOW for custom bedding once she knows how she wants to decorate the nursery.

7. Dee. She is currently working as much as she can at her job, socking away money for this summer. In addition, she has sold custom bedding and curtains for three themed kid's rooms- Harry Potter, Narnia, and a Knight-Knight nursery. She's also started belly dancing lessons, which bemused her mom a little. She got over the virus quickly, the lucky beautiful woman that she is.

8. Me? Sicker than a dog, three papers due in the next two weeks, 400 pages to be read by Friday, and 1 article due to be edited. I wish I could call my mommy to make things all better. My back is finally feeling better though.

Until next time,


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