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Answers to the FOOBiverse quiz!

1. Lawrence and his first partner, Ben, split up when Ben: B Moved to Paris.

It was sad when it happened, but hey: at least one person in the FOOBiverse can build a life with someone they met as an adult, instead of pining for their first love and no one else will do!

2. Elly wears the bun because: C She thinks the back of her head is flat.

Hey, whatever.

3. Back when Candace was a bad influence on Liz, she encouraged Liz and Dawn to: D Smoke.

In middle school, Candace smoked in an effort to keep her weight down, so she could have "a figure to DIE for!" Liz and Dawn tried either one cigarette each or one cigarette between them. It was aversion therapy for them, but Candace still smokes. This is just something to remember when Becky is being crucified.

4. Which is NOT a John quote? C [On the size of Elly's butt] "There's no West for the reary!"

Sure sounds like something he'd say, though, huh?

5. Gerald is to April as ---- is to Mike: C Martha.

Mike and Martha were a couple from middle school through sophomore year. He met Rhetta the summer before his last year of high school. Tracey is Gordon's wife, and Dawn, being Liz's age, is too young for him, besides being his buddy Brian's sister. Just wanted to clear that up in case some people were being led astray by those who insist Mike and Deanna were together in high school. She didn't even live in Milborough then.

6. April visited injured Jeremy in the hospital, but she didn't become sympathetic towards him until she found out that: B His absentee dad plays the harmonica.

Incidentally, Cookie Monster took that to mean that his dad is in prison. I disagree: Mrs. Jones had said one panel earlier that her (ex?) husband is in a traveling band, so I think he just literally plays the harmonica and that's it. I don't think a 10 y/o would get the prison-harmonica implication, and therefore have the Look of Dawning Comprehension that April gets in reponse to that statment. Plus, I think if it were meant metaphorically, "plays the harmonica" would be in "quotes".

7. When did Liz stop living in denial about Eric's cheating? B When she brought his skates to the hockey rink and he wasn't there.

D didn't happen at all. A and C did, but in those instances, she let Eric turn the situation around on her so she'd have to apologize for doubting him. Not sure why the penny dropped for her in the case of B; perhaps because someone said Eric had been coming to games, when he did play, with another girl, and for whatever reason, she was unable to justify that. (I think Liz did have reason to suspect that Tina was the young woman Eric was cheating with, based on her expression before she dialed Tina's number during her search for Eric after he gave her the visiting-mom excuse. Just couldn't face the picture she'd get if she put all the pieces together, I suppose: that was also the sequence in which a strip ended with her saying, "Eric! Tell me! I'll believe you!")

8. Who called April rude, and why? D Anthony, for asking if Gordon was rich.

This was, of course, before he became a giant life-sucking black hole of need.

9. Place the following events in chronological order: 1. Liz moves to Mtwhatsit 2. Kortney threatens April 3. 4-Evah founded 4. Mike is named senior editor C 3, 4, 2, 1

The band got started in January of '03, with Smoochgate taking place mostly in February. Mike returned to Portrait in the late summer of '03. April began working at the store shortly after school started in the fall, and discovered Kortney websurfing in October. Liz became Breath From Lizard in the fall of '04.

10. Okay, so this question wasn't exactly fair. But as I've said, none of this is supposed to trip people up! Personally, I'd have to go with A, Mike's hilarious essay, because in order for the current storyline to be "lame", it would have to be plausible to begin with.
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