dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Elly's Letter, 2 February 2009

Today's return to the Phil and Connie show makes me wonder what the discussion topic for the week will be. I had thought that Elly would be trolling for advice about how to cheer Mike up but we could just as easily see her ask advice about how to proceed in the face of Phil's refusal to let her mess up his life.

After a butt-load of yippety-dippety about dropping her creative writing class and John's needing to bone up on cosmetic dentistry, Elly gets to the point: should she make make her children endure so many guilt trips they earn frequent flier miles?

By the way, the line that makes this letter totally frakking ridiculous is this:

Or do they (as my mother argues) help children develop a proper conscience and prevent them growing up with a totally selfish point of view?

Too bad that Marian didn't twig to Elly's being a borderline sociopath; the old doll fell for Elly's outrageous ass-kissing when she was a teenager and thus thought she had set her on the right path. As we've seen, Elly is incapable of real remorse and thinks the world rotates around her.

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