dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Monday, 2 February 2009

As debjyn warned us, we're probably due for an extended set of reprints about how awful it is that Lizzie is exploring her world instead clinging to Elly like a barnacle like she's supposed to. Yay.

ETA: Perhaps later in the month, Elly is horrified to learn that Lizzie wants to do things. Right now, she's going to be horrified that her match making scheme is still biting her in the ass. That's right. It's time for Connie to go to Montreal and make a big, ugly, desperate fool of herself. It's also time for Phil to get demonized because he doesn't want his idiot older sister running his life for him when he can see she can't even run her own that well.

Panel 1: Ah, my. Another wall of text. We start off outside the Pattermanse as Elly reminds Connie that she and Phil have been talking to each other a whole lot since Chiristmas. As Connie lukewarmly confirms this, my gorge rises in advance as I come to the sick realization that 'Phil', 'leading Connie on' and 'because men are pigs' will be used in the same sentence some time soon.

Panel 2: Be that as it may, Connie describes how she phones Phil once in a while , sent him a funny card and that he even calls back, there's something missing.

Panel 3: In an attempt to blind us with the obvious, she says that she doesn't think it's going anywhere; her desperation made it look like there was chemistry between them but now that sweet reason has kicked in, the flame fizzled out.

Panel 4: Elly volunteers to light a fire under Phil because, as the big sister, she's the boss of him forever and ever and ever. Connie reminds her that this is between her and Phil.

Panel 5: She then says that if the question should come up in a phone call about something else she wouldn't mind knowing what's going on, the damned hypocrite.

Summary: Hmmmm..... Maybe Elly will make things happen that weren't meant to. This will come in handy when Liz's life takes a turn that alarms her.

ETA: In what was intended to be a glowing tribute to a great friendship that took a sinister turn, Lynn has put the "Friendships are Forever" banner back up.

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