dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Let's see what today's strip is. Since it's Super Bowl Sunday, perhaps we'll have Elly be filled with self loathing because John would rather watch the big game, eat nachos and drink beer than spend the afternoon crying about horrible it is that she "has to" clean the house from top to bottom every day.

ETA: gingersnaps15 wins an envelope of Northern Canadian Air. That's because Elly interprets John's attempts to spare her feelings in the most negative light possible. Again.

Panel 1: It's late at night and John is kept awake by Elly's snoring.

Panel 2: Since he can't sleep anyway, he gets out from under the covers and sits on the bed.

Panel 3: After the alarm clock goes off, Elly says that she had a restless night last night. John concurs.

Panel 4: He said that she'd tossed and turned so much, he was tempted to sleep on the couch.

Panel 5: He parts company with the truth by saying that she talked in her sleep instead of saying that she snored. This is perhaps because he thinks he's sparing her feelings.

Panel 6: She asks him what she said.

Panel 7: He says that he has no idea.

Panel 8: She thought-bubbles that he never listens to her.

Summary: We're supposed to hate John but let's be honest, here. The man thought he was doing the right thing by not telling Elly she snored like a bandsaw. In any event, he'd have been treated like crap if he'd told the truth anyway. She wouldn't have believed him if he'd told her she snored.

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