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Friday, 30 January 2009

It seems to me that Mike is eager to go to school not only because he's leaving a compassion-free zone but because he thinks he can get things straightened out between him and Deanna. Too bad the queasy feeling in my gizzard says that she's gone, daddy, gone, gone away. After that, we can see the strips debjyn mentioned that have Elly forming the Triangle of Horror[tm] because Lizzie insists on acting like a toddler.

Yippee. I'd rather have been wrong about today.

Panel 1: We're on the bus to whatever Mike attends and Lawrence tells him he missed Pizza Day, Painting Day and a movie. Mike's response: an anachronistic "Bummer".

Panel 2: As Lawrence starts to explain that a fireman is coming, perhaps to remind them that in an emergency rushing back into burning buildings is a stupid idea, Mike notices that Deanna should have gotten on now and wonders why she hasn't.

Panel 3: Lawrence says she's gone and moved away. They had a good-bye party with cake and everything. Everybody was there.

Panel 4: Mike thought-bubbles that his body wasn't.

Summary: Don't worry, Mike; she'll come back into your life like a broadside accident. Then you can marry her and have children to flee from.

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