Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Wednesday, August 18

Panel 1: Oh, Anthony, I hate to see you so upset! Let's pull over and go for a stroll! It's not like I have anything else on my mind right now.

I must say, the body language and dialogue are well suited to each other in this strip, even if I don't appreciate the net result. Anthony, stoic, back straight and hands in pockets. Liz, demure, arms raised to hold her hair in place and lift her breasts. "How can you say that?" she asks. How? Because if he said "Therese and I are having a hard time getting along," Liz might think it's up to him to work out his own problems. But "She doesn't love me" puts her on the spot to make up for this terrible injustice.

Panel 2: I really don't see how someone stops loving someone else entirely, if they did to begin with, just because their career takes off. Anyway, what about the baby he forced Therese to have? That has nothing to do with it?

Panel 3: Why on earth are they sitting under a tree like a courting couple? The sheer arrogance is mind-boggling. She spends more time at work? You know, work does take time; how much time do you want her to spend at home? Would Deanna be a sympathetic character if she said that about Mike?

Panel 4: Anthony, it's not going to work because you don't really want it to work. You want an excuse to divorce and get with Liz. Just freakin' admit it. And that's a VERY valid question: What DO you want her to do?

Panel 5: BESIDES PUT YOUR HANDS ON HER RIGHT AFTER SHE'S BEEN ASSAULTED GONE AFTER! If you cared about her at ALL, you wouldn't hit her with this right now!!! "Wait for me!" So it's a foregone conclusion: divorce before the sacrifice baby is six months old. Yeah, Anth, I can see you're really trying. Ever think that Therese might have some post-partum issues? No, of course not. Because it's all about YOU. If she's not focused on you, she's a horrible person and the marriage is not worth saving.
Tags: evil therese, granthony going-after, granthony the innocent victim, liz of troy, lizthony

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