dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Friday, 23 January 2009

Today's strip seems likely to come from the first collection. As aprilp_katje said, Lynn seems to have altered the timeline so that the advent of Farley, Connie's pursuit of Phil and Deanna's departure came much sooner than they were supposed to. It's a good thing for Lynn that her fans don't ask questions; otherwise, they might resent having all this stuff happen before Mike even turns six. That being said, let's see what depressing little slice of life is on tap for today.

We have RevElly trying to comfort a sick MikeClone for our viewing pleasure.

Panel 1: We start off in the kitchen with him telling her that her that he doesn't feel well; he has a fever.

Panel 2: Her response is to sort of sympathize with him but mostly to tell him that he shouldn't spread it around. They've gotta keep things like this under control.

Panel 3: AS he stands there coughing, she tells him he needs to wash his hands, cough into a tissue and to stay away from people. He can't touch anyone or they'll get sick too.

Panel 4: This of course, causes MikeClone to weep openly; reason: he thinks Mommy doesn't love him anymore because he's sick.

Panel 5: As he clings to her for comfort, she does her best to provide it. If she'd done so from the get-go, I might feel better about the outcome.

Summary: As plotlines go, a week of seeing how RevElly plays nurse isn't going to be as stupid as what we've seen so far so I say "Bring it on." After all, watching her make Mike into the emotional cripple we see in the later years should be fun.

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