dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The next strip in sequence has Connie feeling sad and inadequate because Phil left on schedule without really saying goodbye or promising anything. She tells Elly that "love'em and leave'em" seems to be the story of her life; she downgrades that to "like'em and leave'em" when Elly asks her point-blank if Phil actually said he loved her. We'll probably see this but there is the possibility that Lynn would feel compelled to insert a new-run that shows Phil shoving off without promising much.

It's as aprilp_katje predicted: RePhil leaves but makes sure that MikeClone grows up to be an emotionless dick.

Panel 1: A weeping MikeClone tells RePhil he doesn't wanna see him go.

Panel 2: In an effort to avoid complicating his departure by dealing with those messy, unnecessary things called feelings, RePhil tells his nephew big boys don't cry.

Panel 3: As we pan out to see the rest of the family, MikeClone considers this....

Panel 4: ....and asks a flabbergasted RePhil how big big is.

Summary: Jazz Guy might think he's helping here but when you realize that Mike grows up to be such a cold fish that he can't even stand to show his wife and kids affection, you realize he didn't. Good thing he never inflicted himself on kids of his own, right?

ETA: Elly's Coffee Talk Blog has joined the rest of the site in paying homage to the new format.

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