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Take the FOOBiverse quiz!

Click on "View Quiz"!

ETA: I'll post the answers, with details, in a couple of days. I just want to give everyone a shot at it, if they so choose.

Meanwhile, rest assured that I did not create this quiz to frustrate anyone! I'd had the idea for a while, but hadn't got around to compiling ten questions. I figured I'd wait until this current storyline had been wrapped up; what spurred me into action was the Yahoo group. They've really been going off on this one guy for having the nerve to ask what the Patterson offspring's ages are. I mean, how dare he ask a question, rather than do what they do and make an unfounded assertion: "April is 12" "Mike and Dee went together in high school" or whatever they think is right, so it must be. Good thing they told him what's what, eh? ...grr...

I'm aware that people in this group also have gaps in their FOOB knowledge, but I don't get on MY high horse about it! As you've seen, most of the questions have to do with storylines and character development, not silly trivia like they have in the main site's quizzes: "What household object did Mr. B have affection for?" Puh-leeze. I thought this would be a fun way to bring people up to speed. No shame in getting 7/10, or even 0/10! Plus, I'm eager to hear if anyone has an alternate answer for the last question.

And I apologize for the pop-ups. (Anthony's twisting my ear, so I pretty much have to.)
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