Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, August 15

55 minutes to go. What the subject matter be? Therese walking in on A&T in an embrace? Anthony admitting that they're already separated? Anthony remembering that he left Francoise in a locked car? Lawrence getting briefed on the situation and saying, "So what did the cops say?...Whaddya mean you didn't call them?" Liz recounting the story to John and Elly so that John can invert a cliche?

Or will it be April at the farm?


Okay, so it's not April at the farm.

Panel 1: What?! Where were these guys a minute ago?

Panel 2: Oh, I SEE. Really were they running the loader? Or was this a Kitty Genovese situation, where people don't respond to calls for help because they "don't want to get involved"? They say if you're being raped you should yell "fire"...Anyway, that guy shouldn't be touching Liz so soon after she was assaulted. ETA: And check out Anthony's gut in profile, and his clenched fist.

Panel 3: Now, why is it necessary for Liz to identify Anthony as her "friend"? And strictly speaking, Anthony didn't punch Howard out. He headlocked him, presumably threw him down, and twisted his ear. But no punching. And previous discussion aside, now Anthony really does look like he's about to have a heart attack! ETAAgain: And it appears that Liz was going to continue (note the ellipsis), but was interrupted, because hey, let the men talk!

Panel 4: Now, why is Liz suddenly a foot shorter than everyone else?

Panel 5: And why is she covering her mouth? Suppressing laughter? Or hit with the belated realization that if she'd discussed this with Lawrence, he wouldn't have said "That's hard to believe"? Anyway, as jrs1980 says, stop jawboning and catch the mofo before he gets away! He's a criminal, after all! Or doesn't that matter in the FOOBiverse, where Pattersons and their associates dispense their own justice, through noogies and side-splitting newspaper columns?
Tags: howard going-after, lizthony

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