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April's January 2009 Letter

Hey, folks, it's April, writing to you from beautiful Orlando, Florida, where it is currently 23 degrees Celsius (74 F). As opposed to back home, where it is 0 C/32 F, aka fuh-reezing! And snowy.

Sorry about posting this late. Last night, while I was babysitting Merrie and Robin, I tried starting this letter to you all about fifteen times! But my two little interrupters kept running up to me and going "Suppose me!" This little game came from their learning about a little thing called a hypothetical situation. They kept wanting me to come up with crazy situations--the sillier the better--for them to "suppose" about. "Suppose Goofy came home with us and tried to live in the basement"; "Suppose Butterscotch learned how to speak English--what do you think she would say?" I almost cried when Merrie came up with her own "suppose" and it was, "Suppose Grandma Elly was right, and Daddy and Auntie Liz were little again and we weren't born yet?" The "we" being all three of us, me, Merrie and Robin, though I'm not 100% sure she'd thought that through all the way.

I can't pretend I'm looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad again, and all that goes with that. This vacation has been such an awesome break! Though, as you know if you read Dee's letter, I did bring books with me. I have exams coming up in Feb, and I can't afford not to ace them. Before we left for vacation, I filed my early-admission app to Guelph. It's not due until January 14, but I was feeling kinda paranoid. Mike, having gone through grad-school admissions, said he understood the feeling. If I get accepted, I'll find out in about a month. I'm so nervous! Of course, I'll be ready to apply to other schools just in case.

Another thing I did before we left for this vacation was to give Grandpa Jim a new picture board for Christmas. I don't know what on earth happened to the other one he had, but I wanted to make sure whatever it was, it didn't happen again. This is gonna sound crazy, but I embedded a microchip--you know the ones people have implanted in their pets so they don't get lost? Dr. Garber, my boss at the veterinary clinic, let me have one. She's got an uncle with aphasia, so she understands how important a picture board is.

Sue, the new friend I've been hanging with, whose parents Dee met through Life Positive, is pretty awesome. Her family's been through a lot, and I almost wish my mom could talk to them to get a dose of what's the difference between real problems and made up ones, but I know mom's in no state to benefit from that kind of thing right now. Ugh, I have to stop now, because I'm about to cry. Sue and I are meeting up for a kickboxing class in 15 minutes, so that will take my mind off of you-know-what.

Have a great New Year!


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