dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Liz's Letter, January 2009

Hello, again. I'm writing this letter in the midst of a cross-country move and I'm full of caffeine so you'll forgive me if I get a bit blunt. It's sort of hectic moving me, Anthony, Francoise and whoever's coming this May on such a short notice but, as I said before, it's worth it. First off, it gets us all away from Milboring (yes, I like Wilf's pun) and my not-crazy-enough-to-have-committed-and-not-filthy-enough-to-report-to-the-Health-Department parents. Anthony is right to say that they cannot be locked up or jailed or something; he's right about points of law like that most of the time. Damn. Let's just say that that made for an awkward Christmas at Mike's place. It went well with our awkward parting with Gordo and Tracey. I don't really know either of them too well but I feel that Tracey is even more glad to see my back end than she is Anthony's. You see, she had good reason to be afraid that one of us would mess up her marriage. Anthony had the irritating habit of hitting on her and, let's face it, my 'need' for a daddy-don't-leave-me would focus on Gordon if Anthony were out of the picture. She knew damned well that Mira Sobinski was 'wonderful' until she got in my parents' way and didn't want to end up like her. I don't blame her a bit. April is right to point out that Mom and Dad thought they deserved to have the world made in their image because they "suffered" so much, made so many molehills into mountains, turned so many people who were neither for nor against them into "implacable enemies" (who didn't know they were the Great Beast to be Feared and Hated) that they had no choice but to help us achieve our destiny of plowing under people who got in the way of our "romance". An outsider, a girl from Mars (if you will), would say they'd crack up thinking like that and they have. Anthony's buckling under the stress of his imaginary catastrophes and I'm not too sure about me being right in the head half the time. It's all sort of foolish because in a few years, they'll be dead and not have a vote anymore; their plan to marry Mike and me off to people as much like them as possible might even have come to nothing. Either Anthony will unwedge his head and stop thinking that world is trying to crush him or he won't; don't ask me, Francoise and my child (or children) yet-to-be-born to be there to go down with him if he falls. That sort of stupidity is fine if you've got a train fetish but it ain't for me.

Anyhow, these boxes can't unpack themselves so I'll tell you more about my new place next month. Until then,


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