dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Thursday, 11 December 2008

We've already had the strip with the Unfortunate (due to it being unintentional) Implication so the stage should be set for either RePhil's arrival, RetConnie telling us "Screw RevElly, I need a MAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYUN" or RevElly thinking she's kiboshing the on-coming train wreck.

Hmmm... We got RevElly worrying about what MikeClone will do to NeoLizic.

Panel 1: We start off RevElly giving RetConnie a wall of text about the playbill for some big show he did in Montreal. He was supposed to do another big thing - a big Christmas thing, to be specific - but it got canceled.

Panel 2: He thought that he'd take some time off and stay with them for a while. She then says that she guesses he can sleep in NeoLizic's room. This makes MikeClone ask where they'll put her.

Panel 3: They'll move her crib into his room. It'll be fun, she says.

Panel 4: The combination of the dirt-eating grin on MikeClone's face and RevElly's sudden concern that it might be too much fun tells me that we've got some new-runs of him torturing baby sister out of spite and envy to deal with.

Summary: Not only do we have to deal with a crazy stalker, we'll also see MikeClone's first act of genius: coining the nickname Lizardbreath.

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