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Tracey's Letter, December 2008

Hi everybody.  First off I want to apologize if I came across a bit abrasive last month, but it had just been a bit crazy in the motor business.  Times are hard and people are more interested in getting every last mile out of their current vehicles than buying something new, even if the new car is still second-hand.  The restaurant has seen a bit less business as people are spending less time going out for meals, and the cinammon buns just aren't bringing in the customers.

We all joke about how things used to seem to drop into the Pattersons' collective laps before they had to do anything, but then it went and happened to us, too: Anthony found a job in Vancouver and resigned before Gord had to let him go.  Julia stepped up to fill Anthony's position without any hesitation and was on board with the proposal to buy out the senior Pattersons' shares in the business.  She has some photos of Adam, her boyfriend, on her desk, but there's now an unspoken agreement between all our staff that from now on our home lives stay out of the office unless there's an emergency.  That isn't meant to sound cold, just that the overlap between business and friendship went way too far with Anthony and the Pattersons.

The main holdup with buying out the Pattersons is the current situation with Mike's parents.  Elly clearly isn't compos mentis and I'm beginning to wonder about John.  Legally we might not be able to proceed if it can be proven that they aren't in a state to comprehend what we're proposing.  It's all a bit awkward.  I know Mike and Dee were hoping to have the provincial health authorities step in, which would make things easier all around, but evidently it's possible to be not quite sick enough to be taken into care.  We saw her the other day at Mike and Dee's, and she introduced herself to us, asked if we were new to Sharon Park Drive, then asked if we thought Crumpet was a silly name for a dog.  We played along as best we could, then excused ourselves as soon as possible as things got tense when Elizabeth and Anthony arrived -- not that it was tense between us and Anthony, but that it was tense between the newlyweds.  It's like Elizabeth has finally opened her eyes and is horrified at the realization that Anthony still thought of her as the girl he dated in high school and she was happy to go along with it.

She did at least thank us personally for the limos, which was satisfying to hear, but I still find it hard to feel too sympathetic towards her because she never forced Anthony to see that he should have been paying attention to Thérèse instead of following her to the bus stop or driving out to Lakeshore Landscaping.  Sure, maybe Thérèse and Anthony weren't a match made in heaven, but they were married and he didn't give that marriage a chance.  I had mild post-natal depression after Paul was born, and again after Rosie, but Gord was always there for our family even when I felt that I couldn't be.  He agreed to therapy as soon as my doctor suggested it, and this has been something we've come through together.  Just to imagine going through all that on my own while my husband pursued his ex-girlfriend...well, let's just say that Thérèse is far stronger than I am.  I only hope that, whatever happens, Anthony and Elizabeth's moving to Vancouver doesn't cause problems with the new life she's found for herself.  If things aren't going well between Anthony and Elizabeth, who's to say he won't suddenly start fantasizing about Thérèse the way he used to dream about Elizabeth?

Better sign off -- Christmas cards to write.  I'm trying to avoid doing a form letter bragging about all that we've done this year, but I am really proud of the kids.  They're getting so grown-up now.  Part of me wants it to slow down just a little bit and part of me -- the part that wound up taking Rosie to see Jonas Brothers -- can't wait for them to grow up so I can see what they do with their lives!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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