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Mr. and Mrs. Patterson

Hi everybody,

We’re just going to do one letter this month- Mike’s had a week and a half like none other. It started when somebody hijacked his gmail, yahoo, and hotmail email accounts. Seems he used the same password for all his and a couple of other sites. He’s already lost two article sales from this, and the fallout continues.

He’s also broken a bone in his foot due to his tomato obsession. Seems he froze a bunch of whole tomatoes in the summer. He went into the fridge and a bag of tomatoes fell on his bare feet. At least the ER nurse got a laugh out of it….

This week, I’m at a convention for parents with children with auditory processing disorders. Finally, I’m surrounded by folks who get what we go through with Robin and understand the many layers of problems we have as his ‘verbal dyslexia’ makes life difficult for him.

Based on what I’ve learned here, I’m going to bite the bullet and get Robin’s and Merrie’s IQ tested in January. I just want to know how they would do compared to other kids their ages… and I’m learning that just because Robin has a hard time speaking, he does not have a hard time thinking. We are so used to taking pockets of time and judging him by these moments that I think that we are ready for reality.

Speaking of reality, our counselor has made a couple of suggestions about Ellie. None of these are that great- who wants to hear that their mother-in-law has a borderline personality disorder? Or that depending on what the doctors eventually find out, she may be bipolar, have psychotic major depression, schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder? Or the fact that this has been building for a long, long time?

What’s really bad is that the mess that John leaves the house in most likely will not be enough to get her help. She has to be a threat to herself or others before that happens… And now John is talking about getting a housekeeper!

So, Happy thoughts. Our tickets are bought and we leave at 12:30 Christmas Day for Florida. It’s going to be a two week vacation- one week on the cruise ship and one week at the parks. I’ve bought the kids suitcases and two weeks worth of Disney themed clothes- by the way, did you know they made Minnie Mouse teddies? That’s taking the furry thing a step too far!

Besides the trip, the kids are finally getting their Wii, the Wii fit, some sports stuff and lots of games for the system. They are also getting some books, and Robin has been driving me crazy wanting a Batman Belt and Robot Hands so he’s getting that. I’ve bought Merrie a real camera and after school dance lessons. Mom has bought both kids piano lessons for the next year- as well as horse back lessons. She's has also volunteered to be Grandmama's Taxi!

Mike and I have decided that I’ll quit the pharmacy in June and do something downright crazy…we are going to live at the writer’s compound Mike’s fallen in love with for a couple of months. It’s organic, so he’ll have his garden. I’ll be a stay at home mom for a while and catch up on my sewing. We’ll come back in September for school- Mike’s starting his Master’s degree in January.

If I haven’t said it before, April is such a Godsend right now. I’m adding on shifts at the pharmacy to pad our savings account and Mike tries to get extra writing assignments. We try hard not to overuse her but… thankfully she’s there. Mom and Dad have been great as well.

We’ll miss seeing Elizabeth’s baby growing up, but all in all, it’s great she and her husband are moving out of town.



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