dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

As you know, Lynn thinks that "expanding the plot" means "repeating an old joke with a new strip", we can probably expect to see this strip:

Panel 1: Farley licks Mike while Lizzie watches. Mike has fun.

Panel 2: It's like Panel 1 except that Lizzie is a bit closer than she was.

Panel 3: Lizzie kisses Michael.

Panel 4: He yells "YUCK!!" and wipes off his face so he doesn't get Lizzie's cooties.

Summary: Not only do we repeat Monday's "Mike prefers dog saliva to human saliva", we also repeat the previous Friday's "Mike likes Farley better than Lizzie".

today or tomorrow. This will, of course, lead into the strip wherein Elly tries to keep him from killing Farley with kindness. The result of that is his thriving on everyone's apathy.

It'll have to be tomorrow's strip. That's because Elly has to punish Farley for somebody else's 'mistake'.

Panel 1: Elly comes across a puddle on the floor and is angered.

Panel 2: The next time she sees one, she's horror-struck.

Panel 3: She sees a third and is beside herself.

Panel 4: She then locks Farley, the 'obvious' cause of the mess, in his little cage. How that's supposed to housetrain him, I'll never know. It's as baffling as her belief that he vaulted over the fence to mess up her floors.

Panel 5: What I do know is that Elly doesn't know how to react when she's faced with the real cause of the mess: Lizzie using a juice box as a playtoy. She can't very well let Farley out of his cage because that would mean having to admit she's wrong. It would also mean admitting she's too stupid to be able to tell dog urine from juice.

Summary: Whoever said this was a week dedicated to Elly sucking at being a mom is on to something.

ETA: Before I forget, thank a veteran today.

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