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Liz's Letter, November 2008

I'm sorry I've been delayed getting back to you for the last few months; I guess they weren't kidding about pregnancy being tough. What makes it all tougher is Deanna and Mike's surly reaction to my good tidings. Her, I'm just starting to get to know so I'm not sure if she's taking after what her mother is supposed to be. Mike, on the other hand, is different. At first, I thought his reaction to my happiness was his usual need to ruin it. I'm not so sure anymore. I can't quite figure out what it may be but there is something untoward happening in the background that I'm not allowed to be aware of right now. It must have been pretty bad for him to so willingly accept help from his in-laws instead of Mom and Dad. Their reaction to my natural tendency to gloat just a little about my great news leads me to believe that maybe, just maybe, Dee might be starting to develop some sort of fertility problem. It's not much of a shock; even I know that her older sister had a cancer scare a little while ago. Anyway, their bad news is not really a reason to get upset with me, is it? The only reason I'm in a forgiving mood is that they all seem to be focused on the strange way Mom and Dad have been acting lately. It's hard to get a handle on things but I'm sure that the little misunderstanding that she and April must have had (I'm sure that when Meredith says that she didn't even KNOW who April was, she was misinterpreting whatever Mike told her) will soon be resolved and everyone won't act as if the world had gone haywire. It's not like Anthony and I are going to let a spat over nothing take away from our joy. I just wish they weren't so busy condemning Dad for whatever reason they've come up with to treat Anthony like a member of the family. It seems everywhere I turn, people act as if Dad is some sort of monster; even Gordo and Tracey (who I kind of resent a little for not telling me about Mike's first wedding) have started to keep him at arm's length.

In any event, it's probably nothing to lose too much sleep over. That's a good thing because I need all the rest I can get and it's hard to get comfortable. Hopefully, it won't take three months until we meet again.
Mrs Elizabeth Caine

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