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Wilf, November 2008

Hello, again. This time, I'm not pinch-hitting for Mira but writing to you on my own account. It been one of the worst Octobers for Mike and Deanna due to reasons I'd prefer not to go into. Suffice it to say that what started out as wonderful news turned into terrible news overnight. The daily drive up and back from there to Burlington seems to fly by nowadays because the need to be there for her when she's in need. Unlike her in-laws, we can't just stand by and do nothing; it must be why Mike wants them left out of the loop. He's upset that he can't be more help but with a spur on a vertebra, the moral support he's provided has been more than enough. It's a mixed blessing that young April lives with them now; it's nice that Deanna has more help with Meredith and Robin and the oh-so-close-to-the-truth questions they've asked since that awful day. It's just sort of awful that she realized that she doesn't have parents, just (as Mike put it) a sperm donor and rent-a-womb. Doctor Patterson has been revealed as the stupidest, most useless human being alive. His wife has gone insane and he does nothing to help her because of the dicks at the Orange Lodge back home would think. His daughter has been chased out of her own her and he whines about things getting better on their own. Hell, he doesn't even keep house like a decent human being. All he does is move the dirt around and bum groceries off of people. I knew I never respected him; who can respect a man who refuses to read serious literature because he's afraid of having his preconceptions questioned? I didn't hate him until just now. My loathing of the man is much like that of April and Mira's: theirs is a hatred driven by the contempt familiarity brings. He's a douche and always was. Deanna is disappointed and angry but Mike is a different animal all together. It's as if the combination of stupid events flipped a switch in his brain and he's seeing the world for the first time and what he sees, he doesn't like. I can't help but feel for him; it's always hard when you realize that your father is a son-of-a-bitch. Their counselors are getting a sneak peak into the greasy interior of Doctor Useless's button-down soul. Mike especially feels awful about his unwittingly helping his father play the sick mind games that lead to the current atrocity. We all got together and agreed that Doctor Patterson will ever be told of the cause of Mike and Deanna's current unhappiness. Mike says that his dad isn't fit to know and he's right to say it. Liz can be told once her own child has been born because by then she'll have learned to empathize with the woman she replaced and Anthony may be allowed to know if April is right about his still having some capacity for remorse.

We've also come up with a plan to deal with Patterson's refusal to step up and do right by his family. Elly's brother Phil has agreed to take her in after she leaves the psychiatric care we intend to force on her in civil term. No use sending her back to the Tiny Train House; she'd have a relapse in no time. Not even that scummy worm Anthony would be in his corner after he got arrested for neglect. In a way, his own stupidity, inflexibility and lack of empathy is coming back to haunt him. His need to control everyone and everything has guaranteed that it'll all slip through his fingers. While Elly is coming to her senses, we'll help make sure that Liz doesn't end up the same way she did and get her and her rat-bastard husband into counseling if we have to halfway kill him to do it. It's too late for John, though. All that's left is to let him rot away and and haunt the neighborhood as the local fool. Everyone he ever tried to bend to his evil will will have nothing to do with him.

I'd like to continue contemplating the delightful vision of John being reduced to a ghost of stupidity and malice but my little girl needs me. Besides, it's hard to type when you're trying to hide from an enemy. I'm using the Wi-fi at the book store and John still tries to shop here; creating a scene with him is more trouble than he's worth.

Wilf Sobinski.

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