Nisie (nisie) wrote in binky_betsy,

Forgive me for the hurriedness in my letter. The past two months have not been easy on me or Dee in terms of health and family situations. Shortly before the wedding, Dee discovered she was expecting our third child. To say it was the best unexpected surprise I could have received was an understatement. We went to the OB/GYN and learned that Dee was two months along and we made plans to tell our families after the end of this trimester- things were so crazy that we couldn't just tell them then. Three weeks later, I woke up to blood in our bed and had to rush my wife to the ER.

I never knew it was possible to lose something you barely had.

The only people that knew about this were her parents and April... and their silence has helped us heal. More than that, Wilf did something that touched me to the bottom of my soul. He went out and bought a new bedroom suite, a new mattress, sheets, comforter, and pillows. He didn't want his daughter to have to deal with the situation at home. I learned Moira helped when I came across the thread count of the sheets- nothing but the best for her daughter.

My back has been acting up again and it looks like I have a spur on one of bones in my spine. Dee and I broke down and hired a maid and somebody to shovel the snow for this year.

Three weeks later after getting the news on my back, Dee started to pass a kidney stone. It's been a slow progress as the stone doesn't want to leave her body and she doesn't want to have an operation. On top of that, Mom has been acting... out of sorts.

No. She's no longer sane. There is a difference. And on top of that, Dad does not understand how to run a household. He's worse than I am about it. Dee hasn't felt well enough to invite him over, and truthfully, I think April is still angry with him. I know I am.

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