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Mira's Letter, November 2008

Hello, again. It's shaping up to be a rather cold winter this year unless I miss my guess. Ah, well; no matter how many degrees below zero (freezing to my American relatives) it gets, it couldn't possibly be as cold as it is in what Wilf refers to as the Tiny Train House: John and Elly Patterson's place. We made the foolhardy mistake of not begging off visiting them at Thanksgiving; big mistake. It's far easier explaining to the people in Jersey that we have our Thanksgiving turkey on what they call Columbus Day than explaining Flapandhonk (as Wilf calls her) to anyone. She, you see, is still not living on the same material plane as we are and Doctor Patterson gutlessly refuses to get her therapy in the name of conforming to the norm. In the narrow world he still lives in and I'm glad to have left behind, decent people don't take their wives to shrinks and they certainly don't go into counseling. Too bad he's as gullible as he is rigid; Dee and Mike have spent months hashing things out and he's none the wiser. Anyway, she's still raving about not knowing who April is and calling Edgar 'Farley'. I remember Mike explaining how they got their first dog; it seems that John and Old Lady Baird cooked up some unlikely story specifically designed to appeal to The Bun that Walks's sympathies. Mike had the decency to be ashamed to be party to emotional blackmail of the worst order; his louse of a dad still chortles about 'putting one over on the missus' as if playing her for a sucker (as they say nowadays) were something to be proud of. In a more just world, his and Mrs Baird's spirits would be condemned to roam the Earth as punishment for their disgraceful manipulation. I mean, REALLY!! Telling an ignorant woman "Take the puppy now or I'll kill him" in front of her impressionable son; 'disgraceful' is too weak a word to describe it. Speaking of appalling things, Elizabeth is really starting to make a meal of expecting; she behaves like she's the first person ever to carry a child and it shows. Thank goodness Anthony shortlisted the names for the baby; being organized is pretty much his only redeeming quality. If it were up to Liz, the kid would enter University as Baby Boy/Girl Caine. The only positive thing besides Mike and Dee's going into counseling (the recent unpleasantness being a huge negative) is that April's coursework is going fairly well. When you consider the unnecessary turmoil in her life right now, that's a minor miracle. A major one would, of course, Doctor Stupid getting over himself and repairing the mess he made. The man simply does not know how to keep a house and refuses to learn, he won't help his wife in her hour of need and lets his daughter live with her brother in the name of respectability. As much help as April (a girl who deserves far, far better than she gets from her worthless father and insane mother) has been during Mike and Deanna's bad times, it would be better if she were able to go home a night after easing the burden. When Meredith and Robin are old enough, we'll tell them about what might have been; Mike says John isn't fit to know so he'll never be told. I can't help but agree.

That being said, I have my hands full dealing with regular people so I'll have to say goodbye for now.


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