Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, August 4

Panel 1: Well, I suppose we should be glad we didn't get three days of April on the plane.

Panel 2: So she really has lost enthusiasm for her music. That's sad, actually; I thought she got a lot out of it. And besides, she's the one who told Becky, "No matter how down you are, music lifts you up!" But I guess that was before April knew what it's like to be down. Funny thing about Pattersons: they always have a homily for other people's problems, but when THEY have a problem, nothing will help. Except maybe ice cream.

Panel 3: Hee! That reminds me of my uncle Jimmy, in Virginia, who, when I once asked him if he had any fresh fruit, said, "I think we got a few peaches floatin' around." Which, of course, made me picture the peaches actually floating through the air...

Panel 4: What odd stances they all have.

Panel 5: Oh, ugh. Lynn never misses a chance to let us know that farm life is so rustic and crude. And that country folk give inanimate objects gender.
Tags: farm, musical april

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