dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

John's letter: 1 November 2008

Hello again from our prematurely-empty home. It's just after Halloween and I heard the strangest thing from April. You see, I'd nipped over to the old homestead to borrow a a litre of milk and she'd said the strangest thing. No, it wasn't "Go to the grocery store like everyone else, Dad/John!" I get that almost as much as "You can't TALK your way into getting Mom/Elly to face reality". (And not just from her and Deanna. Even Mike has started to get in on the act.) It seems that as she passed Connie's place, Thelma Baird's spirit appeared to her telling her to leave the past alone, whatever that may mean. That was a horrifying thing to say; what would be even more horrifying is if it were true. That would mean the world is going haywire. I'd rather not that be the case. I've always put my trust in the world being as tidy and orderly as my instrument tray or workbench, you see. I know I sound old-fashioned, maybe even obsolete, but I like having things a certain way. Married men shouldn't have to grocery shop, people don't go to shrinks and couples don't air their dirty linen to a porfessional meddler despite what Mira keeps harping on Deanna to do. All I need to do is stay the course and Elly will get with the program. Once Liz and Anthony have their first child together, everything will be back to normal. It's funny but it almost seems as if she thinks that she's the first person in the world to get preggers. Sure, Elly used to talk about how easier everyone else had it (as if I'd know either way) but Liz is out-Ellying her mom. Ah, well. Anthony seems to be taking it in stride. He at least knows what to expect. I know I didn't.

In any event, I hope things get back to normal soon enough so we'll have a better Christmas than last years. I'll see you then.


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