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April's Letter, November 1, 2008

Hey, folks, it's April. Still procrastinating a bit on my schoolwork (as mentioned in my pets letter) and also freaked out about the old-lady haunting the kids and I experienced last night. Dad came by a minute ago to mooch some milk off of us (Mom's been not so good about the grocery-shopping since she snapped, and Dad seems to think his "Y" chromosome keeps him from picking up the slack). When I described the scary old lady and what she said, he got real pale and said, "Oh, my God. You've described Thelma Baird, from around the fall of 1980, when we adopted puppy-Farley." Then he took the entire pitcher of milk and ran home.

Mom's still being scary-crazy and Dad is still pretty much sticking with his "deal with this ourselves" attitude, like he can talk her out of her crazy. Mike and Dee have been trying to talk some sense into him, and sometimes it seems like they're making a bit of progress, but then he swings back. We have started to plot how we can sneak her to the hospital for an eval without Dad knowing. It sucks that we'd have to do it that way, but letting all this "crazy" keep going would be worse. Oh, and speaking of doing things without Dad knowing, Mike and Dee have started marriage counselling! Did you just see a pig fly over your house or hear about an ice cream sale in the underworld?

School is a massive headache this term, especially calc. My average so far for that class is B-, and I've started getting extra help at the local college to work on getting that up, since I'm applying early-decision at Guelph. Deadline: January 14. That deadline feels like it's breathing down my throat and also kicking me in the butt! English is cool this semester. It's world lit, and we just read Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Yeah, things totally fall apart. I can vouch for that. Philosophy's tough, but I like it as brain exercise. It's fun to think in a whole different way. And when I'm thinking in that whole different way, I'm not thinking about my fam! Advanced bio is pretty tough, but since I'm so interested in that stuff, it helps me do well. Thank the gawds, right?

Oh, guess what? I've started to hang out with Becky again. Her music stuff still takes up most of her time, but when she's around we get together. The other day, we were talking about how stupid it was that we kept having that weird on/off feud of ours for a while there. Becks was like, "It's like some 60-year-old woman writing our story keeps forgetting we already hashed through all this stuff and made up." For some reason, we just feel more in control of what we do now. It's cool that we can just relax and be friends again. Ger and I aren't really friends anymore. We don't hate each other, but it's like we've realized we're too different to be friends, let alone date. We're kind of like polite co-workers now, I guess. Duncan and I mostly stay in touch through our Facebook pages and Twitter lately, since he's in Barbados. I miss him. So does Eva, though she's already dating someone new, Andy Cheng. Andy's in a ska band, Bad Puns.

Liz is now 12 weeks pregnant and being a total "pregnancy diva," to no one's surprise. She's going to be dropping Francie off here in about half an hour so she can "focus on being pregnant," whatever that means. Her due date is May 16. Apologies to whoever ends up having to share a birthday with the Lizthony spawn.

Well, I'd better wrap this up, 'cause I hear Merrie and Robin yelling about something.

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