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The Pets' Letter, November 2008

The Pets' Letter, November 2008

April here. I'm putting off doing my homework to get this letter written. I can't concentrate though - Hallowe’en has been a way creepy night.

Everyone is okay – I took Robin and Merrie out trick-or-treating and I was walking Eddy at the same time. Then Merrie started talking about this old lady following us. I didn’t see the old lady, but I turned around every few minutes or so, just to make sure. After we covered the neighbourhood for candy, we went up to Connie Poirier’s house next door to Mike and Deanna’s (where I live ever since mom kind of lost it back in September). This old lady stepped out of nowhere and scared all of us. We all screamed and Eddy started barking. The old lady opened up her hands and she had a puppy there. She said, “He’s 8 weeks old now, but he’s still a runt. Tell your mother to stop changing the past. No one cares if he was taken from his mother too early. No one cares. Tell your mother.” And then she was gone. It completely freaked me out and we went home without stopping at Connie’s house. Needless to say, Robin’s and Merrie’s costumes were wet. Unfortunately Mike and Deanna were at some Hallowe’en party, so they couldn’t help get them calmed down. It took a loooong time.

After that, I wasn’t interesting any more trick-or-treating. I checked through the window in the door whenever the doorbell rang to make sure it was a Trick or Treater and not some creepy, old lady carrying a puppy. Eddy and Butterscotch helped me answer the door for the Trick or Treaters. I told the kids Butterscotch was a cat in a bunny costume and some of them believed me! The kids loved her, and she got plenty of people making a big deal over her, so she was pleased. We closed up at nine and shut off the lights.

That's it for this month, peeps! Be good, and watch out for old ladies carrying puppies. They’re scary!!

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