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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

As you know, Lynn decided to pad out the re-entry of Farley so as to add context to Elly's snit-fit. This means that we could end up seeing

This oldie-but-baddie:

Panel 1: As she picks up Lizzie, Elly reminds herself that John and Mike have been looking at those filthy, smelly, nasty, disease-ridden puppies for an hour now. That's, as I said, long enough for them to have bonded with them.

Panel 2: As she dresses herself and Lizzie to go out, she says to herself she has to see what's keeping them. Translation: she has to go over there and make a reasoned argument about why the Pattersons don't need a dog. John's referring to her reasoned arguments as being indistinguishable from temper tantrums is proof of his chauvinistic villainy.

Panel 3: As she makes the scene, we see John holding a cute little dog as Mike looks at its littermates while Mrs Baird smiles at her. You will note that Elly is the only person in frame not happily captivated by them.

Panel 4: She then asks a mildly embarrassed John if this is a trap. My answer is that "Yes but he ain't the one laying it."

Or a newrun in which Thelma declares she knows how to handle Elly.

Actually, we've just been treated to the first pee jike of the new era.

Panel 1: Mike tells John to hold the future Farley....

Panel 2: ...but to do so gently.

Panel 3: He then delivers a wall of text about how he LOOOOOOVES the puppy and be kind to him and play with him forever daddy really he would!

Panel 4: This leaves John wondering if his heart melted or the dog widdled on his shirt. It makes me wonder how long Lynn will pad this out.

Summary: Tomorrow, Elly asks if she's been trapped.

ETA: I had to take my machine into the shop just now so someone else will have to set up the thread from this Thursday until roughly the 6th of November (I hope). Once I'm back online, though, I'll pick up where I left off. (That is, of course, assuming Lynn doesn't snap and go into straight reprints. If that happens, we'll probably have to take turns putting up a weekly thread.)

ETA2: The shop told me there was nothing wrong with my computer itself. It seems one of the peripherals has gone crazy on me and if it locks up, to unplug things till it works. That means I can open up a thread for tomorrow after all.

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