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Thursday, 16 October 2008

As you may or may not know, the next strip in the current sequence shows the end result of Elly's meeting with Cherylnia Twaindd in which she allows him to hire her because she actually has brains. This is followed by John stupidly digging his grave with his teeth by implying that Elly doesn't have to look good because she's just his wife. howtheduck believes that this will be replaced by one in which John does not understand that Elly really does not approve despite seeming to. In any event, we're probably going to have a new-run in which the Replacement somehow demonstrates that she's eye-candy who wants to be JSF's something on the side. After all, Lynn can't let this three-decade old grievance go and she's gotta subject us to her paranoid rantings.

ETA: What do you know? No new-run.

Panel 1: As Elly points out that his new assistant is intelligent, witty and very nice, he grins at her. If he'd paid attention, he'd notice she hesitated a bit at the end. After all, Elly was expecting the woman to have predatory intentions on John; he may be a sack of crap but her's HER sack of crap.

Panel 2: Breezily ignoring that he told her to her face that he selected his staff on looks alone, he tells her she was wrong to believe what he said he did.

Panel 3: He compounds his folly by pointing out that if looks were at that mattered, he'd never have married her.

Panel 4: His attempt to reassure her that she is good-looking comes too late. He's just outed himself as thinking that she's ugly as a mud fence.

Summary: John is an ungrateful ass, a theme that will be expounded tomorrow as Elly tells Connie that he doesn't respect her.

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