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Tuesday, August 2

A few things before I start:

---I interpreted the last panel of yesterday's strip to mean, not that Elly was happy because April was unhappy, but rather that it didn't matter one way or the other how April felt; Elly was happy and that was the bottom line. "No it won't." "Then it will be good for me [so who cares if it's good for the two of you or not]." (In which case, "well" would have been more appropriate than "then".)

---Or maybe "Then it will be good for me [because that way I don't have to actually do anything]." As chucique points out, if Elly thinks April and the Continental [hi, almathea!] have too much too soon, then she should TALK to April about it, rather than separate them and assume that that will arrest April's sex drive. IYAM, Elly started off on the wrong foot right after Smoochgate, telling April, "You've read all the articles; you have all the information...I want you to always be able to say, 'I made the right decision'." ARGHHHH! She was not even TWELVE! People TWICE that age do not have "all the information", and they don't get it from reading "all the articles"! You have to talk, one on one, and give the individual the info that SHE needs! (And what articles, anyway? All we saw was "The Big Question", about periods and where babies come from.)

---And speaking of things not shown, how do we know, and how do we know Elly knows, that April and the C.'s relationship is serious enough to warrant intervention? I honestly thought that they were broken up for a while, based on last summer when April left Butterscotch in Becky's care and thought, "I'm glad she's with my bunny and not my boyfriend...if I had one." So have they really been together consistently for almost three years, or was a dead relationship revived at the grad dance? And even if it was, Liz didn't see the makeout session, so how would Elly know? And again, how about discussion instead of distraction? She might be able to prevent April from going roadside this summer, but she can't lock her in a tower until age 18 and expect her to be perfectly well-adjusted as soon as she comes of age.

---almathea again: You can read old strips in the collections. I don't know if libraries have them, but you can get them in bookstores or order them online. Michael's farm visit is chronicled in "Things are Looking Up" and Liz's in "Growing Like a Weed".


Whew! Now, on to today's strip.

BDBs: One, in panel 2.

Panel 1: As someone asked yesterday, where's John? Does he think he might betray his inappropriate attraction to his giggish daughter while bidding her farewell? Maybe her absence is so traumatic to him he can't bear to see her leave.

Panel 2: See, I would have thought "Don't chew with your mouth open" was a joke. I mean, that's a pretty low priority, right? And anyway, a 14 y/o should know that by now.

Panel 3: ARGHHH! again. No, April is not almost an adult! She's not a little kid either, but 14 is not almost an adult. Why not just say, "She's 14, not 4" and leave it at that? There have been multiple references recently to April being "grown up" or so near to it that it makes no difference, and that really boggles my mind. Yet another side effect of her not being based on a real person, I s'pose. Baby for the first 10 years, now an adult. What-evah.

Panel 4: Oh, so it wasn't a joke. (And of course, these are all bad-teeth-having Non-Pattersons.) But of all the things to get hung up about...! Have you noticed an epidemic of people chewing with their mouths open? I sure haven't. This must be another one of LJ's Grumpy Old Woman pet peeves. So of course that makes it a national crisis. She better not ever go to China, that's all I can say.
Tags: elly supermom, farm, foob history, pattersons against the world

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