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The Tomes of Destiny.......

In her answer in yesterday's Coffee Talk, Lynn reiterated her intention to have Beth write a book (or books) to show us the first decade or so of the Patterson's lives after the Settlepocalypse. Whether there's only one book of destiny or many, I expect to see the following themes expounded:

Anthony and Elizabeth: We'd be subjected to their final confrontation with Thérèse. The premise, as established in the last paragraphs of the Liography, is that the evil career woman would see thae error of her ways and buy into the domesticity package. The conflict would arise because she wanted custody of Françoise. The resoluation would occur when a tear-filled little girl chose the one who was there.

Mike and Deanna: Some implausible event would somehow convince Deanna that she needed to be there for her children thereby causing her to open her anachronism sewing school; we could also look forward to her being grateful to not making more than her Gwnius husband because she never wanted to be a pharmacist in the first place. The reason she entered said evil defeminizing career was to placate Evil Mira and her evil ambitions of evil.

April: She goes out West and settles down with her country boy so as to allow her poor, downtrodden mother the freedom she deserves. She came too late to benefit from Elly's wisdom anyway so she has to accept being second bast and not marrying the first honky male she laid eyes on in kindergarten.

Elly and John: After April left, never to return and trouble them again with her wrong-thinking Martian hormonal weirdness, John played with his trains while Elly cooked greaseburgers with extra bacon. They intended to help out around the commuinity but there was never enough time.

Meredith and Robin We are introduced to their Twoo Wuvs with the understanding that they will marry the said honky drones in University.

Iris and Jim: As soon as he passes on, she'll quietly fade into obscurity. When she too dies, Elly will have to endure ranting from Picky-face about not giving her more help when she needed it.


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