dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

R. I. P. Coffee Talk.....

This just in from FBorFW.com:

There have been an impressive number of questions and comments regarding the transition and, as you can see, quite a bit of repetition to some of them. While Lynn appreciates the feedback that keeps her up to speed with what readers are thinking, Coffee Talk’s current format does not seem to be the best way to attend to these kinds of submissions. In light of this, we are going back to the grinder and giving Coffee Talk a makeover of its own for the next few months.

You can still spill your beans to us the same way you always have and the staff and Lynn will be able to read any and all submissions that come in. What’s new is that we won’t be publishing the submissions for all to see. Instead, we will take the best comment or question from each week and Lynn will reply to it. Every Wednesday we will put on a fresh pot of coffee and publish the best question or comment (from the previous week) along with Lynn’s response.

Translation: While we may be bored with her strip, Lynn may be equally bored with reading "Kudos, Ellie for writting such a graet column! It's like you have a camera in my house! Best of luck wiht your retirment!" This also means that the most entertaining thing to snark has been replaced by a letter of the week thing.

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