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John's Letter, October 2008

Hello, again. It's been a strange month here at the new homestead. I don't quite know why it happened but Elly has gone squirrelly on us. I thought with Liz and Anthony's future a settled thing, she'd be content with the world as it is but on Labor Day, the thing I feared most would happen: she lost her grip on reality. As a for instance, she started to deny that April even existed and threw her out. I should have stepped in but Connie, who's been a sympathetic voice during all the years of pointless drama from Mrs. Can't-Relax, said that eventually Elly would come to her senses. I know that's what happened when Laurence came out but it's different for us. She was just ashamed; Elly's gone full bore loony. After I settled April in at Mike's, Dee told me point blank to have Elly checked up from the neck up. I know it's what's expected of me nowadays but I'd rather wait and see if she gets better on her own. If people saw her going to a shrink, it wouldn't look too good for anyone. It's too bad that people don't take 'spa vacations' for extended periods when this happens any more. It's also a bad thing that that moaner Annie was Elly's best friend. If someone sensible like Connie had been a bigger influence on her, she wouldn't have gone off the deep end when faced by having to slow down. Besides, if I push too hard, a simple delusion that we've always been at war with Eastasia would lead to Elly trying to destroy Eurasia (April) so I've got to play this by ear. I know it's a crummy thing to do to the poor child but my parents would never forgive me if I locked Elly up in some institution. They and the rest of the Orange Lodge didn't forgive cousin Ernie when he sent his mother off to one of those "grim anterooms to Gehenna" (as Mike would put it) when she lost it and tried to stab Diefenbaker with a hatpin so I don't stand a chance. I'd go from "local boy makes good" to "rat bastard who drove his wife cuckoo" in an instant. It's a selfish, stupid thing to worry about but the people in Aberdeen used to be my whole world; I don't want to let them down.

I hope that Elly gets better by November, though. If she doesn't, I'll have to steel myself to being the family pariah. Either way, I'll get in touch with you when I can.

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