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April's Letter, October 2008

Hey, folks, it's me, April! I know you probably weren't expecting to hear from me again, but I really need to share what going on--with somebody out there who might understand.

I think my mom has totally lost it. Like "psychotic break" kind of "lost it." It started a little over a week after Liz and Anthony's wedding. One day, Mom looked at me like she didn't recognize me at all, and she screamed, "Who the hell are YOU?" Dad was like, "She's our daughter April!" Mom said, "Nonsense! Our daughter's name is Elizabeth and she's a sweet little girl! I don't know this teenager!" Next thing we knew, she was hugging Edgar and calling him "Farley."

Mom seems to be reliving the past, like when Mike and Liz were really little, only she's changed stuff around in her head, like making Richard Nichols Liz's age and Christopher Nichols Mike's age. And making it so Connie was never married to Pete Landry and Anne was never a super-mom who made her own organic baby food and read all the parenting books. It's been really weird and unsettling. I've had to move into Mike and Dee's place, because Mom keeps treating me like a trespasser and threatening to call the police!

Dad refuses to have her evaluated, like by psychiatrists. He says that would be "shameful." Can you believe that? Even Mike agrees that she really needs professional help. He can't stand to interact with her anymore because she's always trying to give him a bath or ask him if he's done his homework or telling him to go play with Lawrence. He can't bring the kids over 'cause Mom thinks Robin is Mike and that Merrie is some neighbour kid.

Anyway, living with Mike and Dee is working out better than I thought it would. Mostly because Dee understands how hard I have to work on school stuff this year, since she had to go through that when she was planning to apply to pharmacy programmes. Mike still tends to be oblivious, especially when he's got a writing thing going, but he seems to be trying to be better. Dee's not letting him abuse his ability to use me as a live-in babysitter, since I need quiet, concentration time, too!

Merrie is loving grade one, by the way. She's gotten to be a great reader, and whenever she's assigned a new book from school, the first thing she wants to do is read it to Robin. Robin is enjoying pre-K, though he still needs some extra accommodations because of some lingering hearing issues.

Well, I could go on and on, but I have a whole new load of h'work I have to get back to. I'll probably fill you in with news next month (provided Mom doesn't kill me!).

Tags: retcons

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