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Tuesday, July 26

Sigh. Another buildup to nothing. Filler strips for the next couple days, then Liz will go home and recount her visit with Anthony to either Elly, John or April. And regardless of who it is, they will contrive a pun or metaphor.

Panel 1: Jeez! Refresh my memory: do Lawrence and his partner own this place? Well, to be fair, a landscaping company/plant nursery would have to be big, since you can't stack plants on top of each other. But still, that's a loooooooota property.

Panel 2: The sign on the front of the desk: Ask about our what?

Panel 3: In the background, Liz's silhouette looks like she's posing for a statue as Little Running Deer, or some Native cliche.

Panel 4: Huh. Well, I guess the idea is that women are less likely to hot-dog it and make dumb mistakes driving machinery. Still, Liz is the one who was making "pbbbbbbbb" sounds with her mouth the first time she drove the pretty purple bike.


So many comments about yesterday's strip! I'll just address two of the questions here:

---Liz and Anthony didn't really break up; they simply drifted apart. Back when Elly was assuming ownership of Lilliput's, Anthony showed up at the store, and he and Liz agreed that if neither was motivated to call, email, or visit the other, it was time to say goodbye.

---Anthony knows damn well how Therese feels about Liz. Let's set the WABAC machine to January of '04, shall we?

A&T observe Liz dancing with Dennis (the placeholder). Anthony: "Look at those two move!" Therese: "Don't think I don't know what's happening, Anthony. She's putting the moves on YOU." Anthony hastens to assure Therese that he and Liz are way over. "Hmph," she replies. At the buffet, she looks daggers at Liz while Anthony reflects, "Good thing the cutlery's plastic!" On the drive home, Dennis cautions Liz that, in the interest of being "friends" with Anthony, she should stay away from him so as not to cause strife in his marriage. Much later, Anthony turns up at the bus station as Liz is about to leave. They agree that the only way they can stay in touch is through mental telepathy, and shake hands while mutually picturing themselves hugging.
Tags: foob history, howard going-after

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