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Monday, July 25

I'm not even going to analyze this. All that matters is the final panel, in which Lynn lays it on the line. Anthony tries to love Therese, even though it's nearly impossible. We're not given any explanation, so presumably it all stems from her refusal to stay home and be Elly-with-an-accent. Liz looks nauseous and Gordon looks stricken.

And the truly burning question, to me, is, how is this anyone else's business? "He tries to love her" sounds like they simply have problems relating to each other. This is not a spousal abuse situation, or child abuse, or adultery (yet). It sounds like it's A & T's problem to work out between them, NOT something that requires intervention. If Anthony needs to talk to someone about his marital problems, okay, but I don't think the listening ear should belong to his One That Got Away. And particularly not Liz, since she can't even look at her own romantic life with a clear eye: she's still convinced that if Warren was interested, he'd swoop down from the clouds, literally, in a white helicopter, and present her with a diamond ring as big as her head.

And I could be wrong, but everything I've read and been told says that no marital problem, not even physical abuse, justifies USING someone else to make you feel better. So this better not be leading towards "Anthony needs love, that's why he and Liz had a nooner at the No-Tell Motel".

ETA: qnjones, you're right. My head was in a muddle when I made this post. What I really should have said is this: It's telling that Anthony is "trying to love" Therese instead of "trying to work things out". Because the latter option might do some good. The former will merely make him a martyr.
Tags: evil therese, gordon, granthony the amazing, granthony the innocent victim, lizthony

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