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April's Letter, September 2008

Hey, everyone! Back to school today. Last year of HS! We all had to schedule appointments with our guidance counselors. "Don't let those application deadlines sneak up on you!" I signed up for a workshop on writing the application essay. Those are tough, because you don't want it to be like, "I've always loved animals and I did this and that and that other thing and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ." You get the idea. I'm applying for early admission to Guelph, and the deadline for that is January 14. Bio-medical science BSc programme. This semester, I'm taking calculus, advanced bio, philosophy, and English. It's going to be a hellacious year!

If you've read my "pets" letter, you know I've been really upset with my family. First they didn't tell me about Gramps having a heart attack on Liz's wedding day. Then there was mom sneaking Dixie off and saying she'd taken her to a "farm." I couldn't believe it! She was actually starting to get better, once Dr. Garber had shown me how to manage her condition. Apparently there was too much "trouble" and "mess" for Mom. I cannot wait to get out of that house. I swear, when I finish all my university schooling, I am going to move far away!

You should have seen Liz when she and Anthony came back from their honeymoon (Niagara Falls). Liz, telling Mom and Dad (not telling me, but I was there, too, so heard/saw) about her pregnancy. Mom screeched with glee and went "So soon!" Liz said, "I don't know how it happened." Mom winked at her, and Liz actually went, "Do you have something in your eye, Mom?"

I'm making a point of spending time with Francie when I can. She's a smart, sweet little kid, and I hate to think how Liz and Anthony are going to brush her aside when the new baby arrives. I can just tell they will, because they are already! Thérèse has been in touch and wants to start seeing her more often. She said she'd gotten a bunch of books for her, some of them in French, and Francie can hardly wait.

Gramps is doing much better, and I'm spending as much time with him as I can. If he'd died while Liz was busy saying "for better or for worse," I never would have forgiven Mom. Well, I still might not.

Well, wish me luck. I want this next year to go fast!

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