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The Pets' Letter, September 2008

April here, with the pet's letters. I will not lie to you peeps, this has been a rough month. The last time I wrote this letter, I tried to explain why no one had seen Dixie around our house since January. I took her over to the veterinarian at the vet clinic where I work, Dr. Garber. He said Dixie has congenital megaesophagus. This is when the esophagus has lost muscle tone, and there is no cure. When Dixie would eat, she would spit out her food. Her esophagus does not have the muscle tone to move food to her stomach. That’s why she was so thin, and hardly had any energy. What you have to do is put her food high up and give her liquid food so it will travel to her stomach from gravity. Dr. Garber said that most dogs survive congenital megaesophagus and do well, if you do that. That’s what I was doing.

I am pretty mad at my family right now. Before my sister got married, my Grandpa Jim had a heart attack and was in hospital. Mom knew but she said she didn’t want to tell anyone and ruin Liz’s day; but she still told Liz. I felt terrible when I finally found out the next day where Liz and Anthony went before their reception. Grandpa Jim is all right.

When mom told me they took Dixie out to live with someone who owned a farm and Dixie would be happier there, it felt the same way as when I was finally told about Grandpa Jim. It was like someone stabbed me in the back. I know what really happened. I came back from work at the vet clinic, and I couldn’t find Dixie anywhere. Then Françoise said Mom told her she had to take Dixie to the farm, because she kept throwing up in the house. Mike also told her some story about how his pet frog Fred, had to be sent to the farm when he was little.

I was so angry. I couldn’t believe Mom would do that to Dixie; but then I remembered Grandpa Jim’s heart attack. Mom tried to calm me down, by telling me that she and Auntie Bev were writing a book about my old, dog Farley for children. I told Mom that a story about a dead dog is not the kind of story I wanted to hear when I am sad about Dixie.

That was bad enough, but that’s not all. While Liz was gone on her honeymoon, she left Françoise to stay with mom. I had to go to Liz’s apartment to feed Shiimsa, her cat, while she was gone and I took Françoise with me. I thought it would be a good idea for Françoise to get to know her new pet. Liz spent a lot of time at our house while she was “planning” the wedding, but I did not realize how much until we saw that apartment. Shiimsa was still alive, and after eating she looks a lot better. She lives in our house now. What was weird was Françoise said she had never been inside Liz’s apartment or even knew she had a cat. Her dad, Anthony has cat allergies, so I don’t think Shiimsa is going to be moving in his house with Liz. I was going to really let Liz have it, but she came back from her honeymoon pregnant, and that was all anyone could talk about. It still is. I am trying to be excited for her. I probably would be except she keeps saying, “It’s Anthony’s and my first child” right in front of Françoise. I know all about how it is to be ignored by your parents.

Well, peeps that is heavy. I do have some fun pet news. During the wedding, Mom let Eddy in the room with all the bridesmaids, and there was dog hair all over everything. Mira Sobinski was running around looking for a brush to brush people off. Then Dad said, “This is going to be the wedding where everyone who needs hair of the dog, already has it.” Everyone laughed at that. Eddy is still happy and healthy and he’s also still hairy.

I went with Françoise to visit Merrie and Robin and also to visit Butterscotch. After Shiimsa and Dixie, I was nervous for Buttsy. I didn’t need to be. They eat so many carrots at that house, I don’t think Buttsy is ever going to go hungry. At least there is one pet I don’t have to worry about.


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