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Friday, July 22

This is gonna be a short one, because a) I'm involved in a barn-burner of a discussion elsewhere on the net and b) my hands are shaking at what this strip seems to be saying.

Panel 1: What's Anthony doing to Francoise? Feeding her? Putting in her pacifier? Helping her find her mouth with her fingers? And I hate that word "kiddo".

Panel 2: Huh. Doesn't seem to have been feeding or pacifier.

Panel 3: Well, great! Therese focuses on a promising career? What's wrong with that? ETAAgain: And another thing that's odd: In panel 1, Anthony seems to have his feet on some kind of solid, slanted object, like a ramp of some sort, but in this panel, there's a round table in front of him. ???

Panel 4: Oh right. It doesn't add up.

GMAFB. Would anyone think twice about a man who stayed focused on his job after the birth of his child? DOES anyone think twice about Mike, who comes home from work and immediately books out to the fern bar with Weed? Yes, his monthly letters are filled with twaddle about how wonderful it is to watch Merrie playing with autumn leaves or whatever, but what we SEE in the strip is a guy who wants "peace and quiet."

WTF doesn't add up about this? One parent works full time. The other one works part time from home and takes care of the baby. There is nothing wrong with this.

ETA: And this is yet another example of Patterson = Good Non-Patterson = Eeeeevil. April's conception caught John and Elly completely off guard, and Elly was not particularly amenable to the idea at first. While she and John were pondering her visit to the doctor, Elly was silently fretting about the prospect of night feedings and dirty diapers, while John's thought balloon was, "Baby giggles...Baby hugs...That very first step!" Then after the birth, Elly was climbing the wall wanting to get back to work; she missed the interaction with adults, and had been very caught up in her library projects. The matter was settled when John asked, "Would she be better off with a crazy mother or a guilty one?" "Guilty! Definitely guilty!"

And this was perfectly understandable. But now Therese, who is apparently similarly devoted to her work, has chosen not to give up her spot on the corporate ladder. And we're supposed to think this "doesn't add up"? Anthony's willing to stay at home, and seems to be a good caregiver, so what's the harm? And beyond the fact that, as I already said, no one would think to criticize a man who said he'd rather be at work than home with the baby, there was a time when many men blew a gasket when their wives said, "Guess what, honey?" "Another mouth to feed? NOW what am I gonna do?! I'm not touching a shitty diaper; you can forget that!" Some men probably STILL do that. Lynn seems to have a short memory, both for societal changes and the strip itself.
Tags: evil therese, foob history, francie, granthony the amazing, granthony the innocent victim, lizthony

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