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Miz Laurel

A casual friend of mine from church, Kim, got married on Saturday to the most wonderful (and very curly-headed) Jason and I thought I'd post some pics from a wedding that was very lovely, very elegant, and NOT a huge production. I have an aversion to people hunting me down with pitchforks and torches and lynching me, so I've put them behind a cut.


Kim with the flower girls, who are most fetchingly attired in dresses that do not cause retinal bleeding and the intense desire to spork your eyes out.

All three of Kim's sisters were bridesmaids, her best friend the MoH

Sisters Alison and Karen, who are twins.  Yes, really.

The dessert table at the dessert reception after the wedding service.  Note the very tasteful flowers, which were done by Jason's mom (cheaper than a florist, which I suspect is the reason why).

Bridesmaids Gone Wild: The MoH using the bride's big toe as a microphone to sing along to whatever CD was on while the bridesmaids and friends spoiled Kim with a massage and other wonderful things.  Too funny not to include.

Kim, looking gorgeous.

'Hey, guys, let's take 'er for a spin!" says Groom Jason.  Jane Smith runs to tell someone the groom's completely snapped his cap and must be stopped before he's arrested and the day becomes memorable for all the wrong reasons. ;D   Our church just broke ground for an expansion and Jason and the guys were climbing up on the CAT for some photos.

Kim and Jason, on the playground equipment.  In their wedding finery.  Clearly, the wedding stress hasn't gotten to them or anything. ;p

Tuxedo strawberries.  Like the flowers, done out of love and, like the flowers, most attractive and classy.  And fun!  Can't forget the fun.

One of Jason's sisters with the 'kissing triangle'.

There was a dinner for family and friends after the dessert reception at the church and these were the napkins at the dinner.  Someone decorated them by hand.  XO

What the tables at the dinner looked like.

A bride and her bouquet.  Nothing big, nothing fancy, and a million times more gorgeous than Liz's monstrosity.  If you look really hard and strain your eyes, you can attempt to make out her engagement ring.  There aren't any better shots of it, unfortunately, but take my word for it: Jason has good taste.

The cake.  Gorgeous, isn't it?

No, sorry, no kissing pics.  I know you're disappointed, but suck it up.  Consider it prep for the lack of affection we'll see in the strip.  ;p

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