Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, July 18

Hallelujah! Gr-d is OVER! Or should I say "ovah"?

Panel 1: Gordon looks like a general; Liz's fingers look like bars on his chest. And of course it's "anytime" for a Patterson!

Panel 2: So Crevasse made them double in size. Must...not...make...joke...about...Elly's...butt.

Panel 3: Liz looks awfully disturbed. Wishing she had such problems, perhaps?

Panel 4: Uchh! Gordon looks awful: poorly shaped head that's too small for his body! And yeah, I can see where he'd be uncomfortable in a suit; as a teen, he was supposed to be the closest thing the Foobiverse had to white trash. But he rose from his humble beginnings and...blah blah you know the rest.
Tags: gordon

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