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A logogogue lilt on the Pattersons

I am a verbivore (and occasionally lexiphanicist), and so find a deep thrill in finding just the right word for a situation.

These are all real English words (if somewhat obscure). Perhaps they can enlighten our discussion, fuel one's vocabulary, and offer that ah-hah moment when you realize there really is a word for that 'thing'.

They're in no particular order, and offer examples.

If the list is too long or vocabulary in general makes you shudder (there won't be a test!) just scroll down to the last word. That will be worth it, I promise you.

And now!

Longanimity: The ability to suffer patiently. Dee.

Battology: Tiresome repetition and idle talk. Elly, Anthony.

Wanweird: An unhappy fate. Elizabeth.

Glisk: A slight twinge of pain that penetrates the soul and passes quickly away. What this strip makes us feel.

Nepenthe: A drug of magical potion that makes one forget their sorrow or misfortune. Why all this virtual alcohol is being consumed.

Afterclap: The blow one received when one thinks the fight is over or the danger passed (lit); unpleasant sequel to a matter thought closed (fig). The continuing turns for the worse in this strip, the blow of the final pun.

Hypobulia: The inability to come to a decision. Elizabeth. See also abulia: a complete loss of willpower, the inability to act.

Oikomania: A mental disorder caused by wretched domestic circumstances. Dee.

Paramnesia: A disorder in which one claims to remember events that didn't happen. Anthony's lies about his first marriage (lies lies LIES).

Uranomania: The delusion that one is of heavenly descent. Elly.

Chalcenterous: Having bowels of brass. The delightful members of foobery snark!

Cacoëthes carpendi: A compulsion to criticize or find fault. Elly (though the unkind might suggest our frustrations as well).

Oneirataxia: When one cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. Oh, so many characters fit this definition... perhaps the writer as well.

Drapetomania: An overwhelming urge to run away (from home, responsibility, ect). Elizabeth.

Neoteinia: A state of prolonged immaturity. John.

Rhytiscopia: An obsession with one's facial wrinkles (also called lirks). Elly.

Prognathous: When one's jaws project beyond the upper part of your face. Jim, anyone with chinnuts in general.

Gubbertush: A person with buck teeth. Hooo!

Pygalgia: A pain in the butt. *cough*

Abligurition: Excessive or prodigal spending on food and drink. Our Queen of Tuna Casseroles and Sir Dishplate Hamburgers. See also grangousier, a person who will eat anything and everything to excess, especially maw-wallop, badly cooked or messsy food.

Bedswerver: An unfaithful spouse or partner. Anthony, though now that he has Elizabeth he'll no doubt end up a ocnophile, a smothering, obsessive partner.

Poor Elizabeth, upon marrying, will be forced to suffer acokoinonia, sex without passion or desire, and acritition, sex without orgasm (no doubt due to his artamesia, incomplete sexual gratification caused when the partner reaches orgasm too quickly). It will all be meupareunia, sex that gratifies only one partner. Agenobiosis is the word for a sexless marriage. Elizabeth is no doubt a aterpsist, someone who believes in having sex only for reproduction. It will no doubt result in ampherotokous, having male and female children (generally used to convey an equal ratio of their sex).

Mageria: The sublimation of sexual desire or feelings of inadequacy through cooking. Hmmm, all those dinners Elly made...

Grinagog: A person with a stupid, gaping grin. The 'humor' face of so many strips.

Sorner: A person who takes advantage of hospitality, wheedling them into providing a free place to live. Mike, after the fire.

Elly might be described as a smellfungus, because the word is hilarious and means one who complains and finds fault with everything. She is also a microlipet, someone who gets all worked up about trivial things

Witling: A person who tries to be funny but isn't. Almost everyone with teh puns, but especially Anthony.

Misotramontanist: One who is averse to anything foreign or unknown (lit, "one who hates what is beyond the mountains"). The whole FBOFW theme.

Aeolist: A pompous, windy boor who pretends to have inspiration. MIKE. He is also an autohagiographer, someone who speaks or writes in a smug way about his life and accomplishments. And a macrologist, a boring conversationalist you evade at parties by passing them on to blab to someone else. You might describe him as a sciolist, an intellectual fake who affects erudtion, or one who commits tomecide - the murder of books.

An inaniloquent and stultiloquent is someone who speaks foolishly or idiotically. These can be used quiet freely.

These strips often suffer from tl;dr or logorrhea, excessive talkativeness.

John spends all his non-train time feeking, or wandering around aimlessly.

Gooze: To stare aimlessly into the distance. Elizabeth ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Well, she also guares, stares in astonishment.

Dollum: To spoil a thing with too much handling. That poor ugly dress.

Forslug: To ruin by sluggishnes or indolence. Their lives.

Greg: To tease or tantalize by offering something without intending to give it. Oh, Elizabeth.

Ultracrepidarian: Going beyond one's sphere of knowledge or influence in offering an opinion. Yeah.

Witzelsucht: A feeble attempt at humor. *cough*

And now, if I haven't crazzled you (tested you to the limits of endurance - something this strip can do), I want to offer you one final word. The word that started this whole list.

Gigmania: Obsessive preoccupation with achieving or maintaining smug, middle-class behavior.

All of FBOFW in one, beautiful word.

----> If this is deemed too off-topic, please delete it or ask me to do so. I just thought it'd be fun to find the perfect insult for these characters, because I am a nerd. :)

"There's a Word for It!" by Charles Elster, and the OED, helped muchly with his entry.

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