Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Wednesday, July 13

Panel 1: April looks like she's in shock. And what a dumb question: if they're outside waiting on the curb, it's a pretty safe bet that the party is over. How 'bout, "How was the party?"

Panel 2: That's a pretty good effect of what I assume is light from a street lamp on the windshield. Duncan looks like an Easter Island statue: is he already plotting how to further damage Becky's rep? And is Gerald gently stroking April's hair? How sweet! Except, again, that's another grown-up gesture. However, I have to give Lynn props for not having "I thought you'd just be warming up!" be the setup for someone pointing out, either out loud or in a thought balloon, that April and Gerald ARE "warming up"! [giggle]

Panel 3: When Liz left the house, she was wearing a brown coat. Now it's red. How much are these colorists being paid, anyway?

Panel 4: So what's Liz going to do---pull the car over for a lecture on the evils of sex? Or is she just in shock that her Baby Sister, TM, actually understands the mystique of the backseat? And something tells me Duncan is going to be adjusting the vanity mirror like mad, and not just to check his lipstick.
Tags: grad, the continental

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