dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 3 August 2008

It's for the Sunday-only crowd, all right. It features Iris, who is allowed to start to realize a fact now that her and Jim's stories are at an end and a bad pun that Lynn wrote first and built the strip around.

Panel 1: We start the proceeding with Jim and Iris going over his old photo albums.

Panel 2: She notices him make a hand signal and successfully interprets it to mean that he recognizes a friend. This is Lynn's way of saying she really can read him like a book after all.

Panel 3: She then says that Jim hasn't forgotten all that much of his past at all. I expected her to say this because the strip was supposed to end with her starting to realize how much of him was still in there.

Panel 4: They then joke about how good it is to have photographic proof of one's past.

Panel 5: They then laugh over another set of snapshots.

Panel 6: She then references the stories he used to tell about a cabin by the lake. His "Yes, yes" response means to her that he wishes he could tell her about the place all over again.

Panel 7: There's Phil's grad photo and Mike's birth right there. I do notice that she refers to them as his relatives and not by name but given how scarce those two have been, I'll overlook it.

Panel 8: Elly comes in and asks how the history lesson is going....

Panel 9: ....and laughs at Iris's punny response about getting to the Middle Ages.

Summary: This is the best use of the "My-characters-aren't-what-you-think-they-are" LJ has used in months.

ETA: It's the Civic Holiday in Canada Monday so she put the dog-bites-mouse banner back up.

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