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Liz's letter, by Dawn

I'm sorry, guys--I tried and I tried, and I just could not write from the POV of Liz. I hate her too much!

So I had Dawn take over as part of her official bridesmaids duties

Hey everyone--
Dawn here, in for Liz. She said she was too busy with wedding stuff to write a letter this month (meaning: she's doing cake tastings today), so she asked me to step in for her and update everyone on the wedding stuff. I suppose this is one of my official bridesmaids duties. I don't mind; it's a nice break from writing out the names on the placecards.
And the placecards! What drama! Apparently, Mrs. Patterson had her eye on this one design, but after she ordered them, she found out they'd been discontinued. It wasn't that big of a deal, but afterwards, she and Liz couldn't come to a decision about which ones to get instead. I suggested they just skip the whole "assigned seating" things (at Shawna-Marie's wedding last year, no one sat at the tables they were supposed to), but that idea got shot down. Then, I said, "Why not let Anthony be the tie breaker?" but they just laughed. They ended up going with the ones Liz preferred. And I've been the one writing names on them.
The same thing happened the the DJ--I was in charge of that. He did a college friend of mine's wedding two years ago and I thought he was really good, so I went to see if he was still available. I thought he was; we even discussed the terms of the contracts, then suddenly, he was like, 'Oh, I'm busy that day! Sorry!" Weird! I went onto craigslist and found this other guy instead; I hope he's not too corny. Don't tell Shawna-Marie, but I thought the guy who did her wedding was beyond cheese-ball. I mean, a conga line? Weak! I asked this guy specifically not to the electric slide, and I came up with some songs I think Liz might like--low-key, chick stuff, like some Dido, some Sarah McLaughlin--and gave the guy a play list. Liz hasn't told me what their first dance will be, though; I hope she gets that to me soon.
Speaking of first dance, April and I were joking a couple days ago about what they song might be--Earl Had to Die, by the Dixie Chicks, Don't Speak by No Doubt, or Too Drunk to Fuck by the Dead Kennedys. Hey, as long as you're honest, right? :) April is so funny--I hadn't even seen her since she was just nine or ten years old, so I was surprised at how cool (and raunchy!) she is. She played for me this song by Nellie McKay called, "I Want to Get Married." It goes like, "I want to get married; that's why I was born." It's really funny and sarcastic; April burned the CD for me, and every song's like that. I could totally see her making music like that.
So I'm really honored that Liz asked me to be her bridesmaid--I'm kind of surprised, honestly--and I've done the bridesmaid thing before, so I know how much work it is, but I feel like this is even crazier than Shawna-Marie's! S-M and I (and April and Dee, too) have been doing a lot of the stuff I think the bride and groom should be doing. Like the DJ thing. I didn't mind it, but I think Liz should have been in charge of that. I don't know--she's never the been the kind of girl who fantasizes about her perfect wedding day, so maybe she just isn't that interested in it, but I feel pressured to make everything perfect for her. And Anthony really does seem to have no opinions! It's funny; I didn't raelly know Anthony too well, and I had all these memories of him in HS being this big geek, but he wasn't, really. He didn't take many advanced classes, and wasn't ambitious in the same way I was. He did okay in school, but he didn't seem that interested in it. Maybe he's still the same way now--just kind of puttering along. He certainly acts that way about this wedding. I swear, I care more about it than he does!
Ugh. Sorry to vent. I'm just a little annoyed, but seriously--I'm happy for them, and I'm looking forward to the wedding. Anyway--back to the placecards!
See you August 23!
--Dawn Enjo-Utsumi

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