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April's Letter, August 2008

Hey, everyone! As I'm sure you know, Liz's wedding has been taking up most of the attention here lately. With her sudden decision to have the wedding this summer, and the quickie planning we've had to do, people have actually asked me whether Liz is "expecting" and whether Dad has a shotgun!

One of the jobs that Liz delegated to me was to go out to Lakeshore Landscaping and "handle" the flowers. This, of course, was after Lawrence had told Liz that he'd provide flowers for free as a wedding gift. Apparently this offer came after Mike paid Lawrence a visit. All Mike would say about that was that he'd "reminded Lawrence how kind the Patterson family has been to him over the years." Anyway, Liz's instructions to me were "ask Lawrence for flowers that go with violet and teal." She was actually surprised when I came home with some catalogues. Somehow, she thought Lawrence would just have "an answer" to "What flowers go with violet and teal."

Last month, you might remember I was kind of bummed about my job at the vet clinic. I'm feeling a little better about it. I had a really good talk with my Aunt Bev, and she gave me a helpful suggestion. She said that even if I can't assist in surgeries, there was no reason I couldn't use the job as a learning experience by observing and asking good questions. I followed her advice, and my boss, Dr. Garber, was actually impressed by the questions I was asking. She started letting me watch surgeries and shadow her during routine visits with our furry patients. Sometimes, when she does paperwork and stuff, she shows me what she's doing and explains things I'd need to know to run a veterinary practice. It's pretty cool! Our vet tech, Lisa, has been pretty cool, too.

Another thing that happened when I talked to Aunt Bev was that she offered to let me live with her during my last year of high school. The reason for that would be to establish residency in Manitoba and increase the chances I'd be able to get into the veterinary program at USaskatchewan after I finished undergrad. You see, the veterinary school at USask has a quota system that gives favour to people living in that region of Canada. Even attending UManitoba wouldn't give me residency, because time spent as a university student doesn't count. Living with Aunt Bev and Uncle Danny for the year before university would count, though. But you know what? Mom said "no." She insisted it would "look bad" if I lived somewhere else for my last year of HS, and nothing I or Aunt Bev said would change her mind! So that means I'd better focus on UGuelph or maybe UMontreal. But I guess that's okay. Like I told you back in March, I was kind of starting to rethink the whole Manitoba-Saskatchewan track anyway.

Oh, and that whole thing about Mom worrying about looking bad reminds me. You probably heard she spent a few days staying with Grandpa Jim, while Iris was away visiting her son Jordan in Calgary. Well, I kept offering to come over and spend time with Gramps while she was there, and you know what she said? "No, that's okay, April. I want 'full credit' for this visit!" Isn't that like the strangest thing?

Eva's been away doing her camp-counselor thing, and Duncan's been spending a lot of time in Toronto for some reason. I've gotten to know Stacey, my friend from 4 Legged Love (the rescue I told you about a few months ago), a bit better, and we've been running together a few times a week. Not the Mom-and-Connie stuff Mom calls "schlogging," but really running. Once we sprinted by Mom and Connie doing their schlog, and Mom yelled at me later, for making her "look bad." Right. Stacey wants us to run in a 10K next month. It benefits 4 Legged Love.

So, let's see, what else can I tell you about? I'm still taking my yoga class and I really love it. After class, a bunch of people like to stick around for a while and chat with the instructor, who's nice and really cute! Sometimes I feel kind of bad for him, because he must have stuff to do after class sometimes. But there are always people who have questions or just want to tell him about whatever yoga breakthrough they've had! Oh, but you know one thing I don't like that happens in class sometimes? There will be one or two people in the class making sounds like, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM" during some pose or other. And I'll be thinking, "Ew, no, I don't want to hear your yogasm!" It's almost as bad as Dad's prank in that massage chair earlier this summer. Bleah.

I guess that's all I can think of to tell you about for now. TTYL!

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