Megan_Koumori (megan_koumori) wrote in binky_betsy,

Rules of dealing with an ex (And how many Anthony and Liz broke)

Was watching 'Mike and Juliet' this morning and one of their segments was on rules for exes. I immediately went for a pen and paper because I knew they were going to list some stuff Lizthony ignored:

1. Don't be good friends or confide in an ex. Well, right off the bat, we get a Whammy. How many times did we hear this: "Anfunny and I are just fweeeeends! Why is Thwease so jeawous of meeeeee?"

2. No sex with an ex. Well, duh. I think it's safe to say Anthony and Liz weren't doing the bedroom boogie while he was married. Of course, that doesn't mean he wasn't thinking it...

3. Be acquaintances, even if you have kids together. Lizthony claimed continuously that they were just acquaintances who happened to stick their tongues down each other's throats date in high school. Riiiight...

4. New relationships are a twosome, not a threesome. Evil Therese expected Anthony to uphold this rule. That shameful harpy her.

5. Don't hang out with an ex alone. Busted. They were alone at the New Year's party, at the bus station, at the "I have no HOOOOME!" episode, and at the trial.

6. Flirty texts and emails have to go. I don't think that applies here. Can you honestly see Anthony sending a flirty email that doesn't start, "Roses are red..."

7. Don't play matchmaker with ex. Why would Anthony do this? Since he was still in love with Liz, I'm sure he wasn't thrilled about any of her new BFs, despite the fact he had a wife.

Well, that's it. Eat, drink, and be snarky!

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